Urban Mafia In The Construction Industry

We are all aware that urban mafia is something that exists and only powerful people who are supported by the government can be part of it. Sometimes citizens are helpless when it comes to fighting against this mafia. Getting an advice before buying or doing something is always the best option.

Construction Industry

Pressures for change of detailed urban plans in order to get an attractive plot with better price and, links with a political establishment in power, this part of the corruption instruments are used in achieving the set of business plans that leads to easier enrichment.

Many years ago competitors repeatedly announced battles and fines for participants in the construction fraud industry, but a well-developed pattern of this type of corruption unfortunately still works. Although publicly no one wants to answer whether there is a construction industry mafia-criminals, however it is an open secret that is known to all insiders in the business. Although the word urban mafia is often mentioned in circles of urban planners everyone knows that this mafia does exist.

The downtown area is “soft” for the construction mafia, where can be found some of the most expensive constructions, the location itself is doing its job, and at part requires maximum built area. Insiders in the construction business say that the center of the cities parcels are the most restrictive and sales here is attractive whether it is land or office space or apartment, so there is a pressure to those who want to do something illegal. But the corruption is not done by one person, it is performed by the order of the chain of people involved in the process with a fully developed scheme. But everyone can ask for a help from criminal law firms Ottawa that are able to give legal advice related to construction industry. It works in a way that usually requires changes in space, with some stamps for places that are not typical with their height and size. Factor sources comment that involved people perform big pressures primarily on urban planners and operators.

Mafia reduces the quality of the construction

Insiders in the construction industry say that things have changed compared to the past few years, so lately the opportunities for crime in the construction industry have been reduced. Participants in the corruption are usually people in the construction business one or a group of people, and they consider that with this type of crime they can get rich in a very short period of time.

Business interest plans can change overnight

Sources factor in the construction sector say that the corruption has power because it is linked to political establishment in power, so as planners explain some things need to pass through the fingers of the government. The government has the ability to change laws are rules, sometimes overnight while looking only in terms of personal business interests rather than the needs of citizens.

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