Traps Most Logo Design Fall In

What logo does to a brand is what makeup does to a face. Its what the spectator see and notice. No matter how good is the story, people are going to judge the novel by its cover. Same goes to the logo. It represents your business’s value, the credibility, and determine the extent to which you take your brand serious.


And with plentiful of socially sharing and auditing your work, designers need to be extra vigilant to prevent falling into these tricks.

01. Mindlessly adopting trends
Making your design as per your present trends is likely to make your logo design look outdated the moment that the trend gets old, let along making your design look a bit amateur. Rather than opt for the popular logo design trend, focus on the concept that will stay on a long-term basis.

02. Overusing color than necessity
Overdoing colors won’t solely create your style busy and confusing however conjointly create it troublesome to translate into monotone that you’re doubtless to wish at some purpose. Try and keep colors underneath a most of 4 and if your consumer requests a lot of colors, try and use logical combos and bear in mind color psychological science.

03. Failing to form the brand transferable
This brand for borough library was replaced earlier this year – partially because of it did not cut back down well on mobile devices
Keep in mind that your brand ought to be transferrable across a spread of various mediums. You have be certain that the colors, size and overall style can work on written materials like signs and T-shirts, in addition as across numerous technology touchpoints like websites and mobile sites.

Whether you’re an expert logo designer with just some of your customers or a creative director, you need to consider certain pitfalls when creating logos even if you are working in the best logo design company

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