Tips to Hosting a Backyard Concert

Few things are as fun and feel as alive as going to see a live music show. It’s even better if you are playing the show! However, if you want it to feel even more special, and to have an intimate feeling that is hard to replicate, then a house or backyard concert brings a special feeling that you don’t get at other venues. If you have any interest in trying to throw your own backyard concert, then check out these tips below…

Backyard Space - Tips to Hosting a Backyard Concert

Figure out the space

If you’re going to use your backyard to host a concert, then you need to figure out a lot of technicalities, such as where the stage is going to go. How many people are you expecting to be there? Where will people use the bathroom? Is it easy to gather around the stage? Can people interact? These types of questions are important to ask early in the process, so that you can figure out solutions that make for a better experience.

Find fitting performers

Obviously, if you’re going to put on a backyard concert, then you need to find performers that are going to make sense to play at your home. Perhaps you’re planning on playing the show yourself (which would be a good motivation for setting it up), or maybe you have some friends in a band that you think would put on a great show. Either way, figure out your performers as early as you can, if you don’t already know who is going to be playing, so that you can ask them what specific needs they have to fully carry out their performance.

Musician - Tips to Hosting a Backyard Concert

Make a budget

Throwing a house concert takes money. There are usually equipment costs, insurance costs, and even permits that need to be paid for, depending on where you live. Figure out what these costs are going to be and put them on paper as soon as you can. Once you have a budget figured out, then you can figure out whether you’re going to pay for everything yourself, or whether you need to charge ticket costs to help cover it. Sometimes, it can be worth it to throw the concert for a charitable cause, because then the costs will be tax deductible, and you could probably get someone to donate their time to play the show.

Communicate with your neighbors

This is such an important step, and it can’t be overstated enough, but you should be a considerate neighbor and communicate with the people who live around you what is going to be happening. By communicating with your neighbors, you’ve already opened the door for them to voice any sound complaints to you, so that they don’t call the police when they are surprised that it is so loud. Generally, neighbors will be more understanding of the noise if you’ve approached them, already.

Backyard Concert - Tips to Hosting a Backyard Concert

Start inviting, early

Most house concerts have between 30 and 50 people in attendance. You’re almost certainly going to fill up past capacity, and that is far better than having only a few people show up. To make sure that you fill up, start inviting people as soon as you have the date planned for the show and the performers are lined up. To get the word out, use social media to get your friends involved, and then maybe even send out a postcard around the musical community to get the word out about your show.

Get the right equipment

Generally, all you really need for a good show is a crowd and a performer, but that performer usually will have special equipment that they’ll need to do the show right. Figure out how you are going to amplify the music across your backyard, and what type of sound equipment will be needed to do that. On top of that, consider whether the performer is going to want any lighting effects, and look into the proper equipment to do that.

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