Things you need to know before prom

We see a movie with all the ball dancing and all we wish for is to have moments like that and high schools is when that dream of yours come true which is of the prom night. Prom night is the very special event before your summer break where you can have all much fun and dancing you want to do with your friends. You can get all dolled up for this event but unfortunately, there are some things that we don’t know about prom and we need to know to make that night perfect and even better.

Prom Dress - Things you need to know before prom

Prom dress is the most significant part of the prom event and most of the people when getting a chance to meet 10 years after high school and they look back to their prom dresses and all the pictures from that day all they can do is ask themselves “what were we thinking?” so to make the prom event perfect with the best dress you need to buy something that is not too flashy and glittery and buy something that you won’t be regretting 10 years later.

You won’t be wearing that dress again
No matter if you are thinking you will be wearing that long prom dress again it is not true because it won’t happen. And knowing that you would spend less on the dress because it is just a one-time deal. So try to spend less on the dress so you won’t be regretting your money when you can put it to better use.

Fake Tan
Most of us go for the fake tan but make sure you go easy on it because filled with excitement most people go for the tan many shades darker than your actual complexion and look like a fool on their prom night so make sure not to overdo your tan. Choose lighter colours for your tan so you at least look normal.

Take many pictures
After prom, there will only be memories of prom so take a lot of them so you can keep the best one of them. Dot spend all; your time dancing but take out some time to make it memorable.

Bring your socks
Bring your socks with your on prom because no matter how beautiful your shoes are there will be a time you will get tired in them and to ease your feet you can wear socks instead so don’t forget to take one with you.

Get the underwear that goes with your dress because the panty line will look awkward and will make the dress look awful too. So make sure you have bought the right underwear with your dress.

Go with a friend
The best thing about prom will be going with a friend that you really love and this way you will be spending the prom with someone you care about and whenever you look back at it there will only be happy memories.

So these are some of the things that can make your Prom dress lot much better

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