Things to Be Known About Used Oil Recycling

There are things that anyone can do to make our place better. The problem of waste management is certainly complicated, but its solution is bound to follow a single path, the so-called ‘segregation at source’ and the recovery of recyclable materials. This has multiple benefits but the most important are:

Reduction of waste - Things to Be Known About Used Oil Recycling

The significant reduction of waste, natural resources (with the recovery of raw materials), as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately reduce the cost of waste management to a minimum, costs that we need to realize, that slowly or quickly we are called to pay in various ways to ourselves and usually end up unpaid to the next generations.

So let’s think that a small act by everyone can be very important for the future of our country.

Burned cooking oils and fats are recycled and not discarded!

This concerns residues mainly from catering. Most burned frying panes until recently ended up in drains or trash. That was and is, one of the biggest mistakes we make.
Why do we do that?

Because there was no one directing us in the way of collection and recycling. Burned cooking fat or oil is something that can cause many problems, depending on the type of sewer we have. This is because the oil has the property of spreading into a thin layer and covering vast amounts of water.

The water under the oil stops oxygenating and thus the aerobic processes stop. This has a very adverse effect on the good functioning of a biological purification, but even on a common fence.

We need to know that one liter of burnt oil contaminates one million liters of water

Through the good information of the citizens, we believe that this rate will grow soon.
Now the burned oils are specially processed and recycled

The collection and proper management of fried potatoes is of paramount importance for the protection of the environment, the aquifer and is a raw material for biofuel production.

Biodiesel and bio-lubricants

The use of fryers for biodiesel production helps the country’s environment and economy as biodiesel produced reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 88% compared to conventional diesel and contribute to the economic activity of our country through the reduction of oil imports and the increase of business activity for its collection and conversion.

Recycle your burned oil and seed oil from your kitchen instead of throwing it into your sink Entrepreneurs and those who maintain dining facilities can easily get in touch with the collection companies, which will supply them with special collection containers for this purpose.With household oils, the best we can do for the time being is to put the oil in a bottle, close it well and locate in our neighborhood a shop where, in consultation with the businessman, I put them in the collection containers .

This is a purely ecological act, as it is a shame to throw away all these greasy residues in nature, since we can recycle them in such an easy way.

Something that we also need to know is that dumping them in landfills poses a great risk of garbage being fired! This elemental recycling of some waste can be the starting point for the overall recycling of our land. The most important thing is that by participating in such a program, we help our place, preserve the environment and thus create a better perspective for the future.

In recent years, oil recycling companies, such as mbp solutions are so important for the world’s eco safety. Biodiesel is fatty acid methyl esters and is produced by the decomposition of vegetable oils and animal fats (triglycerides + methanol → methyl esters + glycerin)

It does not contain aromatic compounds and sulfur
It has lower emissions particulates, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons
Increased lubrication capacity
It contributes significantly less to greenhouse gases
It reduces dependence on oil imports

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