The Collaboration of Architecture and Engineering

Do you still remember the teamwork of Popoy and Basha in the movie entitled A Second Chance when they were building their newly-opened business? In the film, Popoy is an engineer while Basha is an architect. They collaborate in delivering the needs and preferences of their different clients.


If you are now interested in pursuing a career in these two fields, read on and identify the similarities and differences of architects and engineers and discover how they collaborate with each other to produced beautiful structures.

The Similarities and Difference of Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and engineering are two different disciplines. Understanding the similarities and differences of each field will help you define what path you will take. Let’s take a look at the comparison of these two disciplines.

Architecture is a field that concentrates on designing and constructing spaces and forms of buildings, structures, and other physical environments. Architects are responsible for the style, safety, and sustainability of a certain building or structure to be constructed. This field has various specializations, such as urban design, landscape architecture, city planning, and interior design. An aspiring architect can choose to design for residential or commercial structures. Architects are artistic, creative, and theoretical.

On the other hand, engineering is a discipline that ensures that the design created by architects will work by applying scientific and mathematical principles. Some of the responsibilities of an engineer are evaluating the specifications of a certain project, developing, testing, and evaluating theoretical designs. An aspiring engineer can go to various sub-fields of engineering, such as electrical, industrial, mechanical, and structural. Engineers are builder, precise, and systematic.

How Architects and Engineers Collaborate

Even though architecture and engineering are two different fields, they must collaborate with each other and apply their respective viewpoints to produce beautiful homes, structures, and skyscrapers. An architect will create a design that suits a client’s preferences. The design should work and the evaluation of the design is done by an engineer. He or she will ensure that the design is functional by applying the scientific principles. When designing, an architect makes sure that his or her proposal will work and meet the proposed budget of the project. On the other hand, the cost estimation of a certain project is done by an engineer. They gather and evaluate data that will determine what the needed resources of their project are. They make sure that they can build a structure with the given budget without compromising the design of the architect.

Mentioned above are few examples of how architect and engineer act as a team. They may have their own priorities and perspectives, but they should collaborate to produce proportionally created houses and buildings.

How about you? Are you creative? Or are you systematic? Did you dream of building or designing homes and buildings? If you have a passion for these things, why not pursue a college degree in engineering or architecture? Some Engineering and Architecture university in Manila offered degree programs in these two disciplines for people who are passionate about designing and constructing various buildings and structures. Just look for the curriculum of different universities and colleges over the internet that might suit your preference.


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