The Benefits of Solar Power in the Philippines

Solar power in the Philippines is slowly becoming popular especially since the world is noticing the huge dilemma of carbon emission problems that come with burning fossil fuels. 2015 has been a significant year for solar energy, evident with the dramatic drop in the price of solar panels. One can also note that public funding models are being refined as well.

Solar Energy

The Philippines is a tropical country; meaning, there are two seasons namely the hot and dry and the rainy season. The coolest month is January while the hottest is May. It is a country somewhat near the equator, resulting into the considerable amount of sunshine falling onto it. Due to these circumstances, it is ideal for the country to start harnessing solar energy due to its location. Listed below are the benefits the Philippines can get from solar power:

Ongoing Free Energy

After installing the solar panels onto the roof of one’s house, one will be able to enjoy free solar energy. Solar does not require expensive and ongoing raw materials like coal or oil. It also requires low operational labor and maintenance. It does not need to be constantly extracted, refined, and transported to the power plant. Depending on the manufacturer, the solar panels usually have long life expectancy.

Saving Ecosystems

Environmental destruction comes in so many forms like extraction methods, irresponsible practices and even accidents. These methods involve quarrying, deforestation, and excessive mining. Solar energy doesn’t rely on mining raw materials, hence saving forests and ecosystems that got caught up with the fossil fuel operations.

Decentralization of Power

Solar energy offers decentralization in most sunny locations. This means there will be self-reliant societies. Oil, coal and gas are often transported cross-country or internationally. This transportation has a lot of additional costs like monetary costs, pollution costs of transport and road wear costs, all of which is avoided with solar power.

No Greenhouse Gases

One of the most important advantages of solar energy is that it does not emit any greenhouse gas. It is produced by conducting the sun’s radiation. This is the main force behind all green energy technology. Many nations are now attempting to meet climate change obligations in curbing emissions that cause the degradation of the ozone layer.

Ongoing Innovations

Solar energy technology is improving in leaps and bounds. There are clean technology researchers all over the world who are making enormous developments in solar technology. Solar technology used to be extremely expensive and bulky but now it is becoming cheaper, more accessible and more efficient.

The abundance of Solar energy like in the Philippines is not only sustainable; it is also renewable which means we will not run out of it. The sun will still be around for millions of years. It may have a limited lifespan but scientists believe that it will last up to 5 billion years. This will be enough to supply generation after generation with the needed energy. Solar energy can slow down the planet’s degradation, change and improve people’s lifestyle.

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