Some Striking E-commerce SEO 2016 Trends

SEO, particularly E-commerce related, is forever evolving. New insights, new technologies, new best practices, and strategies keep emerging from time to time. The competent and top e-commerce webmasters are keeping themselves abreast with the latest changes in the SEO world not only to forge ahead of the competition but to make the most of the situation. Here are some of the hottest SEO trends of 2016 pertaining to the e-commerce industry.


Long-form Content Is Critical to Success

Until some time back, product pages of a typical e-commerce site used to be meant for short and crisp content like a title, a description in brief, a few pictures, and just some customer reviews. But now, search engine favoritism and user demand have switched to long-form content practically in every niche.

Long-form content would be providing more details, more conversational phrases, and long-tail phrases and certainly, more market differentiation that has arisen thanks to the boost in competition in recent years. You must consider developing more long-form content on your firm’s blog, describing all your products and providing insights on your organization.

Shareability Is the Way to Go

Social media has always been popular but even today it is still escalating in popularity and importance. As per some survey, statistics reveal that about 52 percent firmly believed that social media marketing was yielding positive ROI and about 65 percent reinstated the fact that social media marketing will assume a more important role in the years to come.

More importantly, about 96 percent of all the respondents insisted that they will increase social media marketing and augment their budgets or keep the budget same for another year. More users seem to be signing up Facebook and more advanced platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram are becoming big hits among the younger crowd.

One of the most effective methods of generating enhanced visibility and more secondary and primary ranking signals would be to encourage and advocate more social sharing all through the shopping, as well as, the checkout process. Contact a reputed company providing social media marketing Mumbai for your SEO solutions.

Video Content Is Ruling the Scene

As Wi-Fi availability, mobile devices, as well as, video sharing capacity is becoming more prominent and advanced, users are today demanding, even more, video content. Video content could be showing up in search results as rich media. Video content seems to have definitely more potential for going viral than any other kind of content.

In case you are still not using video content in your company’s blog, and especially, on the product pages, you would lag behind. Video content is increasingly becoming popular and its efficacy has already been proved. So what are you waiting for? Sharing video content is the name of the game, start now.

Mobile Optimization Is the Key

Mobile optimization has been very much in vogue ever since the Google’s Mobilegeddon update. However, just barely meeting Google’s thresholds specifically for mobile optimization does not seem to be enough to forge ahead of the competition. Mobile optimization is basically about providing the best content possible and offering mobile users top functionality experience. Anytime soon, you would find that e-commerce platforms are requiring to come up with their very own mobile apps for surviving, as far as, visibility is concerned.


Keep track of these latest trends to make sure that your campaign stays relevant and effectively visible in this modern digital era. You must be sure of your business goals and the exact role of SEO in the growth and sustenance of your business. Accordingly, you must pay attention to all the suggestions provided in this article and choose how to prioritize your marketing expenses. Remember to be flexible, as far as, your campaign goes and always keep looking for the revolutionary development.

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