Monaco, Cannes and Nice: the best destinations to uncover on the French Riviera for 2017

Thinking about travelling in a beautiful place this year? Cannes, Nice and Monaco will take you through the many wonders of the French Riviera. But what makes these destinations unforgettable? There are many mesmerizing spots to see there as you can see below.

Monaco Cathedral


If you plan on taking a vacation this year 2017, consider Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign city-state of pristine beauty with plenty of seaside glamour. It offers a diversity of landscapes. It is also home to plenty of outdoor space to uncover. You can visit one of the most well-known quarters there. Monte Carlo is an awesome quarter with enough to occupy all.

Still looking for more places to see? Explore famous sites like the Monaco St. Nicholas Cathedral and Princess Grace Botanical Gardens. For motor racing fans, then Monaco is your best bet as it is home to the iconic Grand Prix and Rally. All in all, whether you are looking for an exciting day trip or a weekend getaway, there is no shortage of things to do in Monaco.

Russian Orthodox Basilica - Nice


You’ve decided to visit Nice? Awesome! Famous for its museums, churches, beaches, nightlife and many more, you can discover something truly different and exciting. There are also many best spots where you can experience picturesque scenery. See the Old Town on a city tour. Some interesting sites and sights that you should uncover are the Chagall Museum, the Matisse museum, and the Russian Orthodox Basilica.

As one of the greatest cities in the French Riviera, there are still plenty of things to discover in Nice during 2017 in terms of a travel destination. Spend your day trip in a beautiful long seafront in Nice. Walk or bike along the “Promenade des Anglais” to admire the water. Are you spending a weekend with the family? Or travelling with friends in Nice? Pay a visit to the Nice château. Families can find ruins and playground for both young and old kids.

Cannes - Côte d'Azur


Are you coming to Cannes soon and wondering what to do? Cannes offers a sunny escape from day-to-day life. The city is also home to a wealth of activities and interesting sights. And especially, it is characterized by its natural and cultural heritage. If you visit France, this city shouldn’t be missed out. Firstly, the city attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to the Cannes Film Festival. Explore the spectacular architecture of Le Suquet along cobbled streets. Get acquainted with Cannes on a comprehensive tour all over the Boulevard de la Croisette.

Apart from that, many people travel for leisure purposes, and you? Why not have fun at a casino? Cannes has enough of that rich-and-famous casinos to visit. Additionally, Cannes beaches are full of exciting things to do throughout the year. Just go to one of these spots: the Royal Beach, Martinez Beach, Gazagnaire Plage Beach and Plage de la Croisette. However, how to get around Cannes? Hiring a car as a BMW rental in Cannes at is relatively straightforward in Cannes. Besides, if you intend to visit as many locations as possible, then a rental car is the preferred mode of travel.

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