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What is leukaemia? It tends to emerge from the cells of the bone marrow. The bone marrow as all of us are aware goes on to develop all types of blood cells. The red blood cells are known to carry nutrients along with oxygen to all parts of the body whereas the white blood cells are known to ward off infection. Countless number of new blood cells is being produced in the bone marrow on a daily basis. This means that a body is assured of a supply of healthy blood cells.

Patient - Information About Leukaemia

When a patient is diagnosed with this dreaded disease the white blood cells that are produced in the bone marrow do not mature in a normal manner. In fact they are not even able to keep off the infections as well. Slowly with the passage of time they go on to interfere with the production of red blood cells as well. Because of this reason people suffering from leukaemia are prone to higher level of bleeding along with infections.

It has been observed that surgery is not suggested for this form of treatment as the cancer cells would have spread to all parts of the body. It does make it difficult to target a specific area at the same time. In certain cases it has been observed that surgery is undertaken to remove the spleen. This needs to be undertaken as the blood cells have accumulated and go on to replace other organs in the abdomen.

How it is being diagnosed?

In order to diagnose it the doctor needs to examine the cells from the blood, though in most cases it happens to be the bone marrow. In this regard an initial blood test is conducted where if an abnormal white blood cell count is found then you would need to diagnose the bone marrow. At this point of time the specific type of leukaemia is found out. At this point of time the doctor goes on to remove a small portion of the tissue from the pelvic bone and a sample with regards to cancer cells is found out. In fact these cells are being examined for any sort of abnormalities as well.

The active version of leukaemia is not classified in terms of stages. It is usually classified with the sub type of it and whether the cancer from the blood has gone on to spread to other parts of the body or not.

Follow up

Once the treatment has been undertaken diagnostic tests are being conducted to figure out how effective the treatment has been. In case of many people there is a disappearance or reduction of leukaemia cells in the bone marrow and the blood. This is known to be remission.

To conclude the cost of leukaemia treatment in India happens to be the lowest in the world. This being a complex form of surgery you would need the skill sets of qualified surgeons. India is blessed with an abundant medical pool as well.

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