How to Plan a Wedding during an Economic Crisis

The economy tanking doesn’t mean that getting married will change. Even in a bad economy, you can meet your prince or princess charming and want the happily ever after. Unfortunately, during an economic downturn, you may have trouble planning your wedding. If you are being affected by an economic crisis, here are some ways to plan your wedding so that it is still all that you hoped for.

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Decrease your budget
Getting married during a hard financial time for your country likely means that your personal finances are also affected. For this reason, you should consider decreasing your wedding budget. Look over your yearly budget and compare it to last year. If you are making less money or have less in savings, decrease your wedding money and add some of it to your savings account. This may mean you need to skimp on a few things but it means married life will be more comfortable.

You may still be able to create special elements by finding cheaper alternatives to provide the same effect.

Try to strike deals
The first thing that is cut down during many times of economic crisis is traveling, staying in nice hotels, or even booking nice wedding venues. For this reason, you may be able to negotiate the price of the hotel rental or the wedding venue.

Rent instead of buy
There is no rule stating that you have to purchase your wedding gown or wedding tuxedo rather than renting them. Renting means that you pay a considerably less sum than if you wanted to own the wedding clothing. Offer this same service to your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well to be mindful of the budget of your family and friends. This may save you several thousands of dollars on your wedding.

Ask for help with the wedding
Family will typically be happy to help if asked to aid in preparation for a wedding. This can also be one of the ways that you save money. Purchase flowers in bulk and have your family help make bouquets and flower arrangements for the reception. Have a decoration committee of your friends and family set up the wedding venue and the reception area. Finally, you can ask family to help pay for the cake or the catering in lieu of providing you with a wedding gift. Having the family help can also save money on professionals who would have to do the same job. Always try to barter for a better price and if a better price cannot be found, ask for more information on what types of bonuses or additions can be thrown in to the price of the rental.

Having to decrease the amount of money that you spend on your wedding and dig in with a little elbow grease is not a bad thing. Putting some manual labor and negotiations in to your own wedding ceremony can help you appreciate it a little bit more. Being able to save cash can also help you start out married life with a little more income in your pockets.

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