How Pubs Can Boost Their Wine Profits

Wine is a menu staple on any pub’s drinks list, with customers’ knowledge of grapes and varieties growing all the time. As demand for different wines increases, it is important for pubs to stay ahead of the trend.

Drinking Wine - How Pubs Can Boost Their Wine Profits

New wines

The prosecco trend is huge in the UK and shows no signs of slowing down. The UK is the biggest national consumer of the drink, with Bibendum Wine going into more detail about how its popularity continues to grow.

Consumer knowledge

Gone are the days when the only grape varieties people ever mentioned or asked for in a pub were chardonnay or pinot grigio; today, it is all about malbec. It is all about choice for the consumer; however, this can cause problems with profit and wastage. Selling by the bottle can help, with a ‘make an occasion out of it’-type marketing message. Expect to be asked about a brut option, an extra dry and even a sweeter option; likewise, some customers might want spumante while others prefer frizzante.

Thanks to supermarket ranges, consumers have access to a huge variety of options. With Aldi and M&S amongst the retailers offering a magnum size last year – and rumours of going even bigger this year – it is worth revising what it ‘normal’ or ‘expected.’

Wines - How Pubs Can Boost Their Wine Profits


At a time when consumers are growing their knowledge, make sure your staff are keeping up. Having a knowledgeable person behind the bar to give advice is worth a huge amount and positions your pub as an expert.

Also make sure you have enough glasses to cope with peak demands and that you have plenty of different types to enable you to serve each wine correctly. Pub measures such as 175ml and 250ml go some way towards negating the need for red and white glasses, but serving champagne or prosecco in a flute is a nice touch. You will also need somewhere to store and display your bottles and a machine to wash your glasses. A catering supplies specialist such as will stock everything you need.

Above all, make sure the experience for the customer is right. It must be positive, so take a step back and review everything from the outside through to what they see when they come through the door and where they sit, not forgetting the toilets!

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