How Halal Slaughter is Different From Conventional Slaughters

The modern day slaughter method in North America does not ensure that all the vessels of the throat are cut and that the blood is completely drained. This applies in particular to the contemporary method of slaughtering cattle which is known as the ‘European Cut’ or the vertical cut.

Halal Food

The scholars are unanimous on the fact that the meat of an animal which can be subdued is unlawful to consume if it is killed without cutting the vessels.

Why Vertical Cut is Not Good for Beef and Mutton Meat

As the name suggests, the slaughterer cuts the throat of the animal vertically starting from the heart and ending at the throat.

  • This slaughter process does not ensure that the impure blood completely flows out of the animal and up to 18 pounds of impure blood remains in the cow after this slaughter process.
  • Slaughterhouses employ this slaughter method to increase the weight of the animal, better preserve the hide of the animal, and for its convenient nature.

After consulting with many halal butchers Mississauga, the conclusion has been deduced that this slaughter process is unacceptable and renders the slaughtered animal as unlawful. The Halal authorities have observed this slaughter process and have arrived to this conclusion after extensive research.

Combination of vertical and horizontal cut is not effective

There is another slaughter method which includes both, vertical cut and horizontal cut.

  • One slaughterer first cuts the skin vertically with a sharp knife.
  • A second slaughterer then severs the jugular vein and carotid artery with two horizontal motions at the lower area of the throat, thus nicking the trachea in the process.

To some extent, this slaughter process is slightly better than a pure vertical cut since at least some vessels of the throat are partially severed.  However, the minimum number of vessels of the throat which are required by the various schools of thought are not severed in this process.

Therefore, the pure vertical cut, modified vertical cut, and other similar slaughter methods go against the Sunnah method of slaughter and are doubtful methods of slaughter which do not completely fulfill the halal requirements.

How Halal Slaughter Process Works

In halal method:

  • The animal’s throat is cut with horizontal cut rather than vertical cut.
  • Instead of two vessels, halal slaughter involves severing all the four vessels, or at least three. However, one school of thought says that two veins must be cut; esophagus and windpipe.

In this way, all the blood drains out of the animal, making the meat pure and healthy. Chop shop halal meat Mississauga service deploys this slaughter process, which is why the quality of meat is better than traditional meat.

For halal meat, here are few more requirements mentioned by halal meat shops Mississauga.

  • The animal must belong to herbivorous group, but not all animals are included. Cow, goat, camel and sheep are included in the group. Pig is not considered to be clean due to the environment it lives in.
  • The animal must have grown up; at least 2 years for cows and one year for goat.

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