How English Proficiency Can Land You A Job

One of the greatest assets a person can use in their daily life is mastery over the English language. The English language is considered as the global language of business and is spoken at various levels of proficiency all over the world. International Schools in Manila and tuition are often two of the considerations that people take into account with regards to their children. International schools are known to adhere to an international standard which is why people often consider letting their children study in one. Another consideration is tuition fee because most people equate quality education with exorbitant prices.

Learning English

As young adults, people will often find themselves at a crossroads with regards to their career and overall direction in life. This is a crucial time of their lives because studies show that people usually find themselves as a professional during their first job. Landing the perfect job however is one of the greatest challenges a fresh grad will face because it is the first real taste of adulthood that they will face.

As stated earlier, English is the global language of business and most businessmen take the time to learn and master the use of the English language on top of their own native language. Here are some benefits of learning and mastering the English language:

  1. English is the Global language of Business – A good portion of the professional world use English because it is spoken everywhere. Intercompany deals are often done using the English language. English also bridges the gap between people of different cultures and tongue. Politics on a global scale is also done using the English language, from the annual UN assemblies to the International Criminal Court. Simply put, business everywhere is done using the English language.
  2. Professionalism – Being proficient in the use of the English language adds credibility to your repertoire as a professional especially if your country’s mother tongue is English. Studies also show that Human Resource Officers first notice a person’s manner of speech and their mastery of the English tongue alongside their appearance. Fluency in English also adds a sense of professionalism to you as a person.
  3. Charisma – Because fluency in English adds credibility to a professional, it is also worth adding that mastery of the English language adds to your charisma as a speaker, as a leader and as a person. Being able to win over people with oratorical skills is often seen as an advanced skill – because it is. Learning to use English to your advantage is definitely something worth learning even if it takes time, practice and effort.

In conclusion, English is definitely a language that everybody has to learn even on a basic level. Mastery of the use of the English language, however, will definitely give you an edge over the competition. Studies show that while a good number of people do speak the English  language, only a few of them have an actual grasp over the proper usage of the language.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for REEDLEY International School Manila Tuition.

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