Healthy Habits: 4 Tips On Making Sure Your Food Is As Clean As Possible

Clean eating is coming more into vogue in recent years, and this is very good for the health of families in general. Clean eating is thankfully not as hard as it seems initially although it may require cooks and eaters both to leave their comfort zones, try new foods and attempt new ways of cooking. At its most basic, clean eating means choosing foods that are in the most natural state possible rather than choosing foods that have been highly processed and changed. For example, an apple would be a clean eating choice versus an apple toaster pastry. Here are four practical tips to follow to make clean eating a daily way of life.

Clean Food - Healthy Habits: 4 Tips On Making Sure Your Food Is As Clean As Possible

Eat Whole Foods 

Whole foods are those that are as close as possible to their natural states. They are an integral part of paleo diets. They are not refined or processed and contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Some examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and legumes. 

Skip Refined Foods 

Refined foods are those that have been processed in some way. They may have had nutrition taken out or preservatives added to give them a longer shelf life. Other additives could include compounds to help foods retain a pleasing color or texture. Other ingredients to stay away from include foods treated with pesticides or herbicides while they were growing.

Choose Organic Foods When Possible 

Organic foods are the ones to choose when trying to get away from preservatives and other additives. They have been grown without synthetic fertilizers and are free of GMOs, which are genetically modified organisms that have come increasingly under fire lately. Organic foods are increasingly popping up in large and small grocery stores across the country and can be found in meats, dairy products, the produce section and canned or bottled foods. While some people cannot afford organic foods across the board, some of the most important options to choose in organic form include apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach and bell peppers.

Choose Clean Water 

Whether families have city or well water, most drinking water is filled with contaminants, such as aluminum, copper, bacteria, mercury, lead and even arsenic. These compounds can significantly affect health by working against the hormones found naturally in the body and by increasing the risk of cancer and other diseases. Use a water treatment or filter, such as one from Dupage Water Conditioning, to improve the quality of tap water in the home.

Grocery stores, fast food restaurants and many other businesses that offer food are full of processed ingredients and additives. It can be easier to make clean eating a habit at home but hard to carry out when eating away from home. Individuals can try to choose restaurants that focus on locally grown and fresh produce for the best nutrients for their bodies and for the least toxins to their systems.

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