Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Credit Card Options for People With No Credit History

No one is born with an established credit history. You must first actually have some experience with credit before you have a credit history. Of course, this presents a problem particularly for students and young adults who have trouble getting approved for credit cards because they have no credit.

Credit Card - Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Credit Card Options for People With No Credit History

Freedom Debt Relief reviews suggests some steps people with no credit could take that could help them begin building credit and get approved for better credit cards and loans.

Consider a Secured Credit Card 

A secured credit card is a type of credit card that requires you to make security deposit toward the credit limit. Making the deposit lowers the risk for the credit card issuer because they can keep your balance if you default on the balance.

Most secured credit cards refund the security deposit after 6 to 12 months, when you close the credit card, or your card is converted to an unsecured credit card. You must keep your account in good standing and avoid defaulting on the balance to have your deposit returned to you.

After your account has been active for at least six months, your credit history will be established. Keep using your credit card wisely, make all your payments on time, and avoid maxing out your account, and your credit score will steadily improve.

Student Credit Card As an Option 

Student credit cards are another great option to explore, according to  Freedom Debt Relief reviews — especially young adults who are just starting out with credit. These credit cards are created with a young person’s limited credit history in mind. Unlike a secured credit card, a student credit card won’t require a security deposit. However, many require the applicant to be enrolled in a school of some sort.

Be Added as an Authorized User 

When you’re added as an authorized user on someone’s existing account, your credit history doesn’t matter. Being an authorized user allows you to have access to the account, without being responsible for making the payments. Once you’re added, the account’s history is added to your credit report and, if it’s positive, it will boost your credit score based on Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

With at least one account on your credit report that’s been active for at least six months, it’s easier for you to qualify for a credit card on your own. It could be a secured credit card or student credit card mentioned in the Freedom Debt Relief reviews. Or, you might choose to apply for another type of credit card that better fits your needs.

Building a Good Credit History 

It’s important that you handle credit wisely once you’re able to get approved for credit cards on your own. Your credit card activity will affect your ability to get approved for credit cards, loans, and other credit-based products and services.

Payment history is the most important factor in building a good credit score, which is why paying on time is so important. Make sure to make your monthly payment on time each month, even if that means setting up an automatic payment for at least the minimum payment to post before your monthly due date.

Good credit is an essential part of your financial success. It affects the cost of borrowing money, as well as whether you’re able to borrow money at all. At some point in the future, you’ll want to buy a house or car. You’ll need to have good credit for that. There is no quick fix for bad credit, which is why it’s best to build and keep good credit from the start.

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