Everything Has a Place: 4 Reliable Methods for Home Organization

An organized home is peaceful and relaxing. It eliminates the frantic search for needed items as you race out the door each day, and it allows you to come home to a clutter free environment each evening. Use the following tips to get the worst areas of your home organized.

Drawers - Everything Has a Place: 4 Reliable Methods for Home Organization


Drawers can quickly become a catch-all for clutter. Begin in the kitchen and move on to ones in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Dump out each drawer and wipe it clean. Get rid of broken or unused items. Flatware holders will keep knives, spoons, and forks organized while small plastic containers are ideal for tiny objects that often get lost. Put all like items together, and use drawer separators to keep things divided.

Home Office

Use a binder to hold the information you use most often. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and emergency contacts. Phone chargers can be kept neatly inside of a decorative basket, and a power strip will keep those that are in use together in one spot. Cable management boxes can help tame the tangled bundles of wires under desks and behind TVs. If you don’t have a home office, pick one are of the house for these types of items.

Storage Units

Using a self-storage unit can greatly reduce the amount of clutter in anyone’s home. This is the ideal place to store out of season items. The snow blower, shovels, and salt do not have to be in your way during the summer months. You also don’t need grills, lawn furniture, or garden tools in the dead of winter. Look at a storage unit as a second attic.

Everything Has a Place - Everything Has a Place: 4 Reliable Methods for Home Organization

Entry Way

This is the first thing you see when you get home and the area you race through each morning. Create drop zones with bins for mail and keys. Clean out the closet, and get rid of coats no one wears. Hats, mittens, and scarves can be placed in a box on a shelf above the outerwear, and boots and shoes can be put on a rack down below.

Once you have decluttered and organized the main areas of your home, you can enjoy the many benefits that will come from your efforts. You’ll head out the door on time each day and be able to return to a relaxing home each night.


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