An 8-point checklist for social media brand security

Social media provides significant benefits to brands. However, there is a need for brands to come up with social media usage policies.

Social media

Social media a security threat to your brand!

Security has become a great concern to the various emerging brands which are mostly on social media platforms.  Social media has enhanced the growth of different brands all around the world.  Big and small businesses are marketing themselves on social media platforms, connecting with the enormous number of population with minimal costs.  However, one of the key issues arising is the safety of these brands. 

How safe is your brand on the social media platforms?

Various risks and opportunities affect brand management today.  How should we strategize and operate business activities in the social media? Is there a way that marketing managers can manage their brands in the current environment? These and other awkward and insistent questions are being asked by brand managers today.

In the current trends which are comprised of frequent changes, needs one to ensure that his or her brand is safe from the hackers.

Social media is at the moment littered with malicious software with lots of social spam.  According to Kaspersky Lab, “41.6% user computers are attacked at least once”.

Brand Security Risks

Below are some of the risks involved once your brand is out there on the Web.

  • Unauthorized access and changes to the display of a single web page or the whole site.
  • Negative views from unsatisfied customers.
  • Human errors.
  • Social scams like chain letters and cash grabs
  • Damage due to malware attacks
  • Wrong information due to hackers.
  • Out-of-date technology

8-point checklist to avoid security risks:

A good number of brand owners view social platforms as a threat; only a few understands it’spossibilities. Don’t let the odds overcome your enthusiasm to promote your business through social media. Below are some of the critical aspects that need to be observed so that one can ensure the safety of brands.

  • Limit the number of employees who have access to your social media profiles. A slight human error can easily comprise the whole site.
  • There should be a sound social media policy to compliment your social media endeavors.
  • Keep track of community interactions in your domain to manage or monitor the people accessing your sites.
  • Skillful control of the brand experiences to enhance brand success and safety.
  • Install appropriate and updated software for social media protection and update the security procedures accordingly.
  • The Periodic change in passwords and security questions can keep you at bay from phishing attacks and scams.
  • Proper training of the staff is crucial on the need to be vigilant while accepting attachments sent from followers or prospective customers.
  •  Default security settings should be customized under the guidance of an IT manager or experienced personnel in the field of social media security apps.

Professional Assistance:

Technology is changing day by day.  Periodical upgrading is a must. For every new malicious script identified and accounted for, several other cyber threats are generated.  The most crucial to fighting off this epidemic is the latest technology and targeted training.
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The Guest Author for this article is Ellie Grace. She is an amazing writer and she often write about home and family safety tips.

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