All About Hair Extentions

How it works? How much does it cost to install extensions? Do extensions damage the hair? How long can one keep its extensions, where do the hair used for extensions come from? What is the difference between extensions and extensions of natural hair? Everything you will know about hair extensions and hair additions!

Long Hair - All About Hair Extentions

Indeed, we are numerous in wanting to give a boost to Mother Nature. Long beautiful hair or short hair and which grows so slowly that we cannot whait any more, no doubt, the hair extensions and the hair adds make us dream!

Before you take the plunge, take the time to find out: there are multiple families of hair extensions, and all are clearly not worth each other.

What is capillary extensions?

As their name suggests, they are hair strands that are added to our own hair to bring them length and / or volume.

There are several kinds of hair extensions: synthetic hair strands, inexpensive but with unnatural results, natural hair extension that allows a perfect result and without risk of damaging your hair.

Hair extensions, for whom?

It is often believed that hair extensions only serve women who want to gain length.

This is true, but it is not the only use of the extensions: they can also prove useful to bring volume to fine and sparse hair. Soft, thin, short hair, afros: everyone can get hair extensions!

Hair extensions, how does it work?

First, the hairdresser makes an accurate diagnosis of our hair: thickness and quality of hair, volume, color, condition. This diagnosis allows him to define very precisely the extensions he will apply to us, whether in terms of nature or hair coloring used for extensions. Then it is according to the extensions you have chosen, it takes 5 minutes … to 5 hours for the installation.

Laying Hair Extensions

There are three different techniques for applying hair extensions:

  1. Cold hair extensions: the extensions are fixed on the strands of hair either by a synthetic keratin adhesive invisible or by metal rings attached to the base of the hair by a forceps. Rings are often used for afros hair, for example.
  2. Other technique, hot extensions. This consists in applying keratin and in making it harden by means of heating pliers.
  3. Clip extensions are the easiest to install and remove. They are also – and logically – the least sustainable.

In general, remember that the technique of fixing cold extensions based on vegetable glue is the safest and least aggressive for your hair. Indeed, braiding, gluing, weaving damage the hair, which can break, in the worst case. You can imagine the disaster!

Do extensions damage the hair?

Hair extensions are not without risk to the hair, it is a fact.

  • To be sure of the result and to damage your hair as little as possible, choose natural hair, and a fixation made of synthetic keratin (plant glue) cold. These are the techniques proposed by Great Lengths.
  • Certainly, the cost is higher … But the risk is almost zero, unlike other techniques that actually put your hair in jeopardy.

Is the placement and removal of the extensions painful?

  • Of course not ! The first days after laying, you can feel a small gene at most due to the weight of the extension wick, by nature heavier than your hair.
  • The first night is sometimes a bit difficult: head on the pillow, it feels like we have forgotten a few clamps in our hair. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • As for the removal, the hairdresser pulls a bit on each wick to remove them, without it being painful for that. Fortunately!

How long are hair extensions?

Extensions can last from a few days to five months, depending on how fast your hair grows: the longer you wait, the more likely the fixing points are. The quality of the hair extensions you have chosen as well as the care you take to maintain them are also important: every day, you must conscientiously brush your hair morning and evening

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