7 Perfect Tips to Pairing of Flowers with Wine

You can win the heart of guest with pairing a nice set of blooms matches with wine flavor. People who want to make the best decoration on wine table must use this article. We have searched and find the ways of how to make pairing of flowers with wine. They are absolutely fine and look graceful. Down below is the brief introduction of paring flowers with wine.

Flower - 7 Perfect Tips to Pairing of Flowers with Wine

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1. Blanc du bois – White and Yellow Daisies

Blanc du bois has a pale silver color with slight green tine. The wine is ripening in record breaking hit and low humidity. Then the coolness of sugar is melted to mature the grapes. So as white and yellow daisies are both compliment for this wine pairing. White daisy slightly mixed with silver pain color and yellow daisies very well settle with the ripen color of matured wine. White and yellow daisies perfectly go and match with the slight taste of blank du bois wine.

2. Chardonnay – White Orchids

Chardonnay is the most popular beverage in white wine. This law maintenance wine is to be matured and bottled in any climate. It has a citrus flavor of apple, pear leaving a great aftertaste impression. Chardonnay is pairing up with white orchids. Chardonnay is simple white wine available and consumed throughout the year as orchids are available in all seasons. This wine adjusts in every type of pairings and so the orchids. White orchids can be paired up and mixed with all types of blooms.

3. Merlot – Black flower

Merlot is the most popular name in red wine category. Deep and dark grapes are highly produced in winery yards. Merlot grape plants are soft, fleshy and easy to grow and that’s why they ripen easily. The dark and deep red color very well matches with black flower in side of Merlot wine glass. Décor the wine corner with the merlot wine bottle paired up with black flowers vase. You can also deep and dark maroon red roses here.

4. Orange Muscat – orange Lilies and Rose

Orange Muscat is widely planted grapes in Italy. Orange Muscat is a white grape wine gives sense a strong flavor of orange. So this citrus wine is adorned with delicate orange lilies and rose blossoms. it gives palate a strong taste of orange and apricot rise from the glass. Orange lilies and roses supremely co-ordinate with the wine has a strong flavor of orange. Roses with the orange lilies give the impression that wine is sweet.

5. Red Wine – Rose

Red wine and roses combination is famous worldwide. Red roses are the pure form of romance. if you are planning to set a romantic date with your partner, set the red roses on table. Just beside this set the bottle of red wine with wine glasses. Rose is associated with the symbol of love. It is said that red wine is good for health. It regulates the blood circulation in heart. so red rose is best matched pair for serving red wine.

6. Bubbly – gerbera

Bubbly wine refreshing bubbles uplift the mood. The bubbles inside wine glass cheers up the mood. Gerbera daisies are sweet bloomed round shaped petals brightens the space. The sparkling wine very well matches with gerbera daisy blooms. You can use white tone, pink shade or yellowish blooms to along with the bottle of bubble.

7. Sunflowers and viognier

Vignoier is full-bodied white wine most loved for its creamy taste with the hint of vanilla. Viognier is the perfect drink for those who don’t stop themselves for thinking of flowers. Set the viognier bottle exactly beside the sunflower vase. Viognier is fermented in hot and sunny climates, so is the sunflowers. Sunflower blooms fully in the sunny area. Sunflower and viognier is the best combination to deck the wine table.

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Taking a sip of wine with exotic flowers aroma enchants the mood. So here you get the best way to delight the mood of those wine lovers in your life. When you need to set everything in matching tone, you must decorate the matching flowers beside the wine bottle. Hopefully you will like this article and share it with those wine lovers too.

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