7 Most Common Questions on Plagiarism by Students

In the age of information technology, plagiarism is not a difficult task to understand. When there is a plagiarism found, it means whether someone’s idea has been stolen or someone’s production has been used without crediting the source. When making a thesis, research project, or some dissertation assignment; the ratio of plagiarism matters a lot.

Plagiarism - 7 Most Common Questions on Plagiarism by Students

Following are a few question that can be found on a student’s mind regarding plagiarism.

1. What is plagiarism and it types?

Plagiarism is an act of duplicity in simple words. When you steal someone’ work and then lie about its copy later on, these are things that comes under common college plagiarism. Plagiarism has two types – 1) unintentional 2) deliberate. These days, plagiarism has become a common practice among students due to the availability of a great number of study materials in electronic format. No matter if unintentionally or deliberately, ever student has committed this crime.

2. How to Detect Plagiarism?

For detecting plagiarism, you need to make efforts against it from the very first place. It is not very simple always.

Warning Signals: Wrong sources in bibliography, enlightened concepts for the level of class, uncommon phrasings are a few signals of plagiarized content.

Google Search: The search engine of Google can also be used to find out an unusual sentence or phrase. You may get to know about the plagiarism by simply enter it into the search engine. If an exact match is found, then it is wholly plagiarized.

Tools for Detecting Plagiarism: smallseotools.com, Glade Plagiarism Services, Safe Assign, Eve, Plagiarism.org, etc. are a few online tools that help in detecting plagiarism.

3. How to Avoid Plagiarism?

While writing an academic paper, if you are going for copy-and-paste text from internet then you are giving an open invitation to the plagiarism. Particularly, you have to be very cautious while traversing three areas like Summary, Paraphrase, and Quote for you’ll certainly be able to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

4. Why mainly students do this Plagiarism?

Where there are a lot of reasons behind plagiarism, we’ll be discussing the major ones here.

  • Many students don’t know how to analyze the sources of internet.
  • Students are not or less skilled for doing research.
  • Most of the times, they are unable to distinguish between paraphrased and plagiarized text.
  • Some students are not sure about the proper use of cite sources.

5. What are the Punishments for Breaking the Rules of Plagiarism?

For minor plagiarism, the concerned department will be reviewing it. But if the violation is critical, then the institute where you study will decide the punishment according to their policy.

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Plagiarism?

When we work honestly and not caught up for plagiarism, it would be much faster and easier without any mental pressure. Since plagiarism is something very risky and an act of dishonesty, it may become an obstacle in anyone’s way of building a successful career ahead.

7. Is Plagiarism and Copy write same? 

Infringements of plagiarism and copy write are two different concepts, they are not same. But you need to look for both the things in a specified way.


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