3 Men Grooming Habits Women Hate

It is extremely important for every person to find a Golden Middle in everything he or she does. You can be surprised, but this rule works even for men grooming. Today, there two main categories of men: those, who think that all – in – one shampoo and a razor is everything they need to look handsome, and those, who use all available care remedies they can find on modern market. Let’s face the truth, a very little of representatives of strong sex can organize their styling routine and do it perfectly, just like women.

A Couple - 3 Men Grooming Habits Women Hate

Go on reading, if you want to find out to which category personally you belong to.

# 1 Fake tan

It is impossible to deny the fact that women love using fake tan all the time, but men with fake tan look really horrible. Professionals say that qualitative fake tan looks like real one. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find a good product, and why would any men need it? Leaving yellow traces on a white pillowcase in the morning is the last thing you want to see after a wild night with your girlfriend.

# 2 Too much cologne

Pleasant scent from your body is a good thing, but you have to know when it is enough. Even if you like your cologne very much, it doesn’t mean you need to pour the whole bottle on yourself at once. It may appear to be that your best friend, boss a girlfriend feel really sick from such a strong smell, so it can put you in awkward position.

# 3 Stealing woman products

True man never uses creams and other women things, yeah? NO! Women really hate when we steal their creams. Moreover, in 90 % of cases we use it in a wrong way. There is nothing wrong to moisturize your dry face, lips or hands in winter, or hide a huge bruise on your face, just do not do it secretly.

Follow our tips, love your second half and our professionals at nyc Lanny barbershop will provide you with three most annoying men grooming habits women desperately hate.

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