25 Wanted Criminals Caught At Chinese Beer Festival

Police in China employed facial recognition techniques to apprehend criminals at a beer festival in Qingdao, China. Criminals looking to join in the festivities found themselves snared by the police.

Police in China - 25 Wanted Criminals Caught At Chinese Beer Festival

Camera technology

The criminals were caught by the eighteen security cameras installed across four entrances, including a felon that had been elusive for ten years.

Each suspect was identified in approximately one second using facial recognition technology. Due to this technology, other offenders with histories of drug abuse or criminal records were refused entry to the festival once computers recognised them. Six police officers were also stationed at every entrance. According to the Qingdao authorities, the facial recognition technology system implemented has a 98.1 percent accuracy rate, which sounds an alarm should a face match the Chinese police database.

Beer drinkers are the most recent victims of facial recognition by the Chinese authorities. Hardware is installed at busy intersections and crossings in four cities in China, designed to identify and disgrace jaywalkers. Jaywalking incidents, a former chronic problem in China, have now reduced from 200 to 20 each day.

Bear Festival - 25 Wanted Criminals Caught At Chinese Beer Festival

Innovation in facial recognition

As if from a futuristic sci-fi film, facial recognition has also been put into effect at KFC. The fast-food chain uses the technology to predict their customers’ orders, as well as deter toilet paper thieves in Beijing.

Artificial intelligence company Neurala, and Motorola have partnered to create cameras that are capable of searching for missing children and criminals. It is hoped AI-driven cameras may help police forces find targets in busy and chaotic environments, improving efficiency and safety in the community.

These capabilities will help the police in a variety of cases, from finding missing children to investigating stolen objects.

Body Camera - 25 Wanted Criminals Caught At Chinese Beer Festival

A body worn camera, such as those found at https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/ could one day be installed with facial recognition technology working real-time. They would use AI to automatically scan faces in a crowd of hundreds, and notify authorities when a match to a known target is found. This technology would also be capable of learning, becoming faster at detection as it encounters more and more faces. This would quickly surpass traditional search technology.

With AIs learning less code, smaller computers with lower processing power are able to be used, resulting in perfect body-worn technology.

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