Your Guide To Looking Taller

Your Guide To Looking Taller

Here are 4 mistakes, which can make you seem even shorter than you really are. Read this article to learn how to fix them!

1. Slouching

Slouching can make you look smaller and more misshapen, while your goal is to appear leaner and longer. To achieve this it, you need to fix and maintain good posture at all times. Some people try to lift their shoulders thinking it will give them some additional height, but it is not the case. It will only make you look tense and awkward as hell. Try to keep them slightly back and your spine straight instead.
2. Disproportionate Shape

Thinner people tend to look taller because our eyes don’t get distracted by the additional width of the form. Try to get leaner if you can and if you want your body to be more elongated. Exercising if a great choice, although, you need to avoid building too much muscle; otherwise, you can worsen your situation by becoming even stouter.

3. Oversized Clothes

If you are on the shorter side you need to avoid baggy clothes like the black plague. They tend to “swallow” your body, turning you into a heavy, shapeless form. Opt for the right-sized shirts and parts, which are not falling off you behind every time you take a step.

4. Screaming Colors And Patterns

If you are on the shorter side, bright, bold items might seem like a good idea. They can make you stand out while making your presence known. In theory, sure. In reality, not so much. Loud patterns and colors can “overwhelm” your body, turning you into a short, chirpy nuisance. Bright colors tend to attract a lot of attention. The last thing you need is for everyone to be able to pick up on the assorted body parts. Lean towards the monochromatic looks instead. They can help you to elongate your body visually as a whole as opposed to the separate areas. The same rule goes for the patterns. The larger the print is the shorter they are going to make you appear. Stick to the smaller ones, especially if they are vertical.

5. Buzzcuts And Short Crops Or Excessively Long Locks

Many people make the stupidest mistake by not using their mane to add some height to their persona. Visit a hair salon or a barber shop midtown and go for a new cut and style, which can give you some volume. It can be a midlength cut for men and a shorter cut for women. Both excessively short and long styles can make you appear smaller.

Avoid doing these simple and silly mistakes as well as try to follow the aforementioned recommendations if you want to look taller.

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