Winter Wedding Outfits for Men

Deciding what to wear to a winter wedding can be a dilemma. If you’re part of the wedding party, you have to prepare yourself for brisk morning temperatures and standing around for difficult wedding photographers whilst ensuring you are smartly dressed for the occasion.

Clothes - Winter Wedding Outfits for Men

Follow this guide to pick the best outfit and ensure you look sharp.


Fabric is an important factor when choosing a winter suit. While two-piece linen suits look dapper in the summer, they do little to protect against the winter temperatures.

Heavier wool fabrics or tweed, especially from an Italian or British tailoring brand, will serve you well in the winter months. Higher-quality brands are renowned for craftsmanship, and they also wear better and are pleasant to wear in colder temperatures.

Woollen suits can also allow a little more impact in the weave, making you stand out from the crowd.


With the launch of gender-neutral clothing lines, it is now more acceptable than ever to experiment with colour and tailoring in your clothing.

Monochrome themes are perfect for the office, but a wedding is a perfect occasion to take a chance with tailoring and go for something a little different.

Plenty of tweed fabrics with different colour accents are on offer, allowing some brightness on an otherwise drab winter day. There are combinations of blues, browns or single contrast colours.

The contrast could be mixed up by choosing separates. Some menswear designers have begun mixing and matching tailored pieces, creating a more impressive and memorable look. For example, you could pair a grey tweed blazer with dark trousers.

A Good Fit

As with most clothing, fit is everything. Choose a tapered trouser leg with a blazer featuring a narrow waist and natural shoulder line. This cut will be most flattering, but you could also try experimenting with some off-the-peg pieces to see what suits you best.

Better yet, pay a visit to your local tailor, who will provide a suit that will fit you like a glove. This can often work out cheaper than you would expect. Add a camel, grey or black overcoat that suits your chosen colour palette to ensure you are warm and comfortable waiting for the wedding to begin.

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