Why online backup service is a good option for your IT Business

Any IT professional can tell you clearly that offsite backup, whether it is a standalone backup system or used in the combination with some local device or any hosted solution. It is a quite imperative piece of the complex business continuity puzzle. Now all the businesses, no matter what their size is strongly need to preserve their valuable asset, their data in some very secure and remote location.

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Being an IT service provider, selection of any cloud backup vendor for partnership is a most critical decision for you & your clients. There are different offsite backup options available out there, but some of them are flimsy consumer grade products. And some of them offer enterprise-level solutions that are intensive and beyond the budget expectation of clients. That’s why there are some best online backup services introduced which provide strong value added services, like installation, up gradation and data restoration.


First of all, the important requirement an IT managed service providers should look for is the security. If the valuable data of your clients isn’t secure, then it renders all the different features and functionalities which are still undecided. That’s why; make sure that your company efficiently writes your data to numerous data centers. Storing your precious data offsite insures it, so it will have to store in two other datacenters that are present thousands of miles.


The other point of offsite backup is to restore your clients’ files when they need them. Different IT providers run into many problems when they try to restore their files with reasonable consumer grade cloud backup. Restoration capabilities always set apart all the losers & winners in the cloud backup reseller market.

So the good cloud backup providers offer numerous methods of restoration: like over the Internet or via any local device, and through portable media. Online recovery is quite convenient for all individual files and folders, and also for the clients who do not have any strict recovery time objectives.

Local backup:

Still there is another option other than online backup services, you can provide a local backup and restore plus pure cloud backup solution. With some local backup, you can easily backup your non-critical data to the local device, and parsing out the most critical data to be easily stored in all data centers. This great hybrid solution efficiently allows IT service companies to generate an individualized solution for every client specifically based on their needs.

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