Why Is Kodi So Popular? And How To Use Kodi Safely

Kodi also known as XBMC an open source software for streaming was launched in June 29, 2004. And since then it has made a strong mark in the streaming industry. It is due to a lot of reasons that Kodi has outdistanced any other streaming players like Stremio, Terrarium, Kokotime, Mobdro and others.  Kodi requires effort in its initial setup and as said it is always been for the tinkerers.

Streaming - Why Is Kodi So Popular? And How To Use Kodi Safely

One of the biggest reason that Kodi is preferred over everything else is it’s compatibility with so many devices and operating systems. XBMC can be downloaded and installed in Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, iOS and also available with other operating systems with extra instructions. This streaming behemoth offers anything from movies, TV shows to news and documentaries.

The content within this media player is well organized in categories such as videos, music, images. Hence provides an easier access to your favorite content.

Being an open-source software, XBMC provides the opportunity for a lot of developers to put up their efforts in form of Kodi Addons, Kodi Repositories, Kodi Builds, Skins and Wizards. These third party addons are one of the main reason for Kodi being so famous across the world. Every addon has its unique feature to offer news, sports, porn and even documentaries. A user can customize the look and feel as per their mood and likes using skins and builds.

But Kodi has been the talk of the town due to it’s unofficial addons, builds and other utilities that bring about free and pirated content for it’s users. XBMC/Kodi scrapes content from across the web and stream it for the users. This has given rise to a lot of legal debate. But frankly Kodi itself is not illegal or not the bone of contention, but unofficial addons are. The team behind Kodi works tirelessly to make the software better with new updates which are their legacy such as Kodi Jarvis v16, Kodi Krypton v17 and the latest Kodi Leia v18 (still in beta phase).

The unofficial addons and other utilities allow access to illegal content and are open to malware and cyber attacks. Users have received so many notices from authorities like DMCA, ACE and their ISPs. But Kodi usage shows no stopping and it’s thought that more over 5 billion Britishers use Kodi and 30 million are still accessing it for free content.

To be safe and secure while using Kodi it has been advised by a lot of Kodi How-To guides, to use the best VPN for Kodi. A VPN adds security and provides privacy from ISPs from viewing your online activity. This is because a VPN will replace your IP with a virtual IP address in some other country or location of your choice. Kodi can easily be setup with a VPN by either installing VPN Manager addon through Zomboided repository. If not that, then you can even install a VPN in your router if you are using Kodi on Fire TV Stick, android box or any other device. This will not only keep your online activity safe but will also unblock geo-blocked content for you.


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