Who is The Chicken Connoisseur?

You may not have heard of ‘The Chicken Connoisseur’ yet, but chances are you will very soon.

Fried Chicken - Who is The Chicken Connoisseur?

Elijah Quashie, or more famously The Chicken Connoisseur, became an internet phenomenon in December 2016 when ‘The Pengest Munch’, his YouTube series, went viral.

The 24-year-old reviews fried chicken shops located in London on his YouTube channel, with each episode focusing on a different location and restaurant. Quickly setting the internet alight, the host analysed each factor of the dining encounter in his mission to advise viewers on the finest fried chicken the city has to offer. Inspired by chef judges on shows such as MasterChef, The Chicken Connoisseur sought to bring his own unique brand and opinions to YouTube, and create reviews for customers of chicken shops, while wearing his trademark suit to each restaurant. Elijah Quashie also sealed a book deal in April with Blink Publishing, which will focus on rating the best chicken establishments.

Quashie’s YouTube videos have been viewed millions of times each, with the most popular video attracting 4.3 million views. This video featured a review of Chick King, a fried chicken shop in Tottenham.

‘Vlogging’ or video blogging, has become an extremely valuable marketing tool in recent years.

From YouTube to prime time television

Described as a “raw British talent”, Quashie is set to front a new Channel 4 television show, which airs at the end of the year. The programme will be produced by Renowned Films, which has made a collection of documentaries for Channel 4.

‘The Peng Life’ will focus on food, fashion and a host of other topics in an endeavour to decide which comes out on top. Ensure your television is all set by enquiring with a Gloucester TV aerial installation company such as Tewkesbury TV Aerial repairs by Steve Unett. The Connoisseur will sample two of the most-wanted items the capital has to offer, and tries both an elite and street priced option. Separating the sub-par from the superior, one item on each episode will be crowned ‘The Pengest’. Celebrity guests will also make appearances on the show to review items and reveal which luxury in their life is the pengest.

The show is aiming to attract young viewers who are increasingly turning to digital services and YouTube over traditional television.

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