What You Need to Look For in a Yoga Retreat

Admit it, you are itching to hit the reset button of life! You might be a stressed out corporate executive using yoga to keep life somewhat balanced. However you now need a firmer commitment to your own health and well-being, and am planning a trip to a place you have always wanted to visit – a yoga retreat, to reboot life.

Yoga in Bali - What You Need to Look For in a Yoga Retreat

You are going not only because you need a vacation, but also seek to find clarity and purpose. You have to choose a way of living that will keep you on the path to spiritual growth.

If the sentences above seem familiar, make you thirst for replenishment of your spirit, reignite your desire in living and re-balance your life, then a stint at a Bali yoga retreat is definitely what the doctor ordered. But how and where to go?

Here are a few key considerations to be made while choosing a retreat on yoga teacher training:


An obvious one since yoga retreats are now on offer all over the globe. You have the choice of a favorite place that you love already or a new place you’re interested in exploring. What do you prefer? a city or nature? A beach or snowy mountains? If you fancy arts, culture and architecture, then consider Paris, Spain or Tuscany. Or if you enjoy a leisurely, sunny beach then opt for locations like Bali, Hawaii or Mexico.

Conversely, if you hate bugs or humidity, don’t a trip to Costa Rica or Thailand. If a creature of comfort you might enjoy the luxury retreat centres of either the San Juan Islands or Lumeria Maui. If you are averse to camping, then avoid a rustic retreat. It’s all about you and how exotic you like the destination to be. Consider whether landing in a country where English is not popular – say Brazil or Greece will make you uncomfortable?

There are plenty of options in the US itself. You might also consider retreats in Bali exclusively dedicated to yoga or additional activities like hiking, skiing, kayaking etc. If so inclined, choose a location that offers diverse options in addition to yoga teacher training.

Choosing a Coach or Guide

You should be familiar with who teaches or guides you at the retreat, like the years of experience they have in conducting retreats and teaching yoga. Don’t hesitate to ask for references. If you already know an expert at your local circuit, consult with them on learning away from the studio environment.

You need to check the depth of experience in the language, activities of the retreat, country, culture and site. Remember that this is your vacation and you certainly don’t want it to be spoiled by someone with not much experience either on or off the mat.

Is the retreat focused on life coaching and personal growth or are you only looking for exercise and physical activity? Look for a fit that meets your expectations. If you are looking for a tranquil ambiance and the proposed schedule is heavy on physical activity, then it’s better to look elsewhere. For information and guide about yoga and yoga teacher training you can either visit our website or Google it for most helpful articles.

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