What Is Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Urinary incontinence in men is not a disease but a symptom of a problem. This is characterized by the accidental leaking of urine hence indicative of an issue with the urinary tract. There are many reasons why incontinence can happen and men should know them better to seek timely treatment.

Urine Testing - What Is Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Urine may leak out in cases where the bladder either squeezes at the wrong time, or squeezes too hard. There are cases when the muscles around the urethra are either weak or damaged thereby making the urine leak out despite no problem with the bladder squeezing at the wrong time.

Similarly, being left with too much urine in the bladder or having too full a bladder can also cause the urine to leak out causing incontinence. Leaking also happens in cases where something blocks the urethra and urine builds up in the bladder.

Clearly, leaking of urine indicates that everything is not right with your urinary system and you need immediate medical consultation and attention. With the right treatment in a timely manner, you can get rid of the problem and lead a normal life again.

Types and symptoms of urinary incontinence  

Urinary incontinence may not be a serious problem but it’s something you can’t put out of sight at will. It can be either of short-term or chronic nature and in some cases, can be caused by some other health problems as well.

Urinals - What Is Urinary Incontinence In Men?

Here are the different types of urinary incontinence –

Stress incontinence 
In such cases, men often leak urine when they cough, laugh, sneeze, lift or do anything that stresses the bladder.

Urge incontinence 
In this case, the urge to urinate is so strong that most fail to make it to the toilet in time and end up leaking some urine. An overactive bladder or squeezing of the bladder are the reasons behind that.

Overflow incontinence 
In such cases, men only release a small amount of urine despite having the urge. Clearly, the leaking happens later since the bladder was not emptied earlier.

Total incontinence 
In such cases, men always leak urine as the sphincter muscle has become dysfunctional.

Functional incontinence 
This is the kind in which you leak urine either because you could not reach the toilet in time or were not taken there when needed.

Treatment of urine incontinence 
Urine incontinence in men is not a severe disease but a symptom of some problem in the urine tract. You may have seen patients using a male urinary catheter in such cases but the treatment involves other things as well, including –

  • Patients are first asked to go for a physical exam
  • Doctors ask for past health records and then test urine
  • More tests are done when the cause of is unclear
  • Treatment often depends on the severity of the incontinence
  • It’s often a combination of medicine and simple exercise that helps treat the incontinence
  • Surgery is not needed in most cases but could be required is a few
  • Doctors also use a standard catheter to drain out urine
  • Those who face incontinence are not supposed to drink alcohol as it worsens the problem


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