What are the differences between engineered flooring and laminate?

Engineered wood flooring and laminate are quite frequently confused, but there are distinctions between them. Neither are 100 percent planks of sawn wood, like those found on a hardwood floor, but there are significant differences.

Layers of quality

An engineered wood floor more closely resembles a hardwood floor than laminate flooring. Engineered wood flooring has a layer of real wood that sits on the top of a solid plywood base. It generally adds value to a home, and those looking to buy a house appear to love the look and practicality of engineered wood flooring. As it has become more popular with interior designers, homeowners and builders, the perceived value of this type of flooring has soared and it is a real asset to a property.

Laminated limits

Like some cheaper options, laminated flooring looks fine from a distance, but when inspected close up does not convey top quality. There is no real wood in laminated flooring. To make laminated flooring, an image of actual wood is joined to a core of fibreboard. It does not contribute that much to increasing the value of a home, and in a high-end property, it may actually detract from its value as many buyers wanting a top quality finish would want to replace it.

However, in response to the competition posed by the superior appearance of engineered wood floors, laminate has improved, with better production to more resemble real wood, and the texture of wood embossed into it to also make it feel a bit more like the real thing. For more tips on how to add value to your property, see this report from The Guardian.

Cost can be a factor when it comes to choosing flooring. Wood is a classic choice that works with almost any type of interior. However, opting for the better quality option may prove to be a better investment in the long run as it will continue to look good and will be a positive feature when it comes to selling your home.

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