Types of Liver transplant in India

The liver is the most significant organ in the human body, without which no life is possible. This organ is performs many different kinds of complex functions including turning nutrients into energy, absorbtion of vitamins like A, D, E and K, production of body protein, and quick fat digestion. A Liver transplant is recommended when human liver is no longer able to perform these functions adequately. Given the fact that liver is a vital human organ, thus any serious damage to the liver needs to be urgently treated either with medications or a transplant.

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While Cirrhosis is one of the most common reason for liver transplant in adults, in kids the most likely reason is biliary atresia or the absence of the common bile duct that is found between the liver and the small intestine. Liver failure can also happen because of viral hepatitis, or due to some drug-induced injury or infection. It could also be because of cancer or some kind of hereditary issues.

Liver transplant in India

There are three types of Liver transplant surgeries in India that can be categorized as follows:

  1. Orthotopic treatment: This surgical procedure involves retrieval of a complete liver from a deceased donor which is followed by its transplantation into the recipient’s body.
  2. Split type liver transplant: As the name suggests, in this surgery, the donated liver is split into two-halves and donated to two patients undergoing the surgery simultaneously.
  3. Living donor transplant: As we said above, liver is a vital human body part without which life is not possible, however, it is possible to donate a small part or portion of someone’s liver to another person.

Here, a part of the liver is extracted and is then placed in the recipient’s body. Usually, the right lobe is better suited for adults, while the left lobe is apt for children. Originally, this transplant procedure was developed primarily for the children as livers from deceased donors rarely suited them. Hence this procedure gets quite complex and challenging when transplant requires two adults.

Liver Transplant - Types of Liver transplant in India

While a detailed diagnosis is done before deciding on the type of liver transplant, some people cannot undergo this treatment. For eg patients suffering from cancer in some other part of the body or those having serious heart or lung disease. Also people who are too much into alcohol or illegal drugs are also not considered for liver transplant.

Thanks to best in-class medical amenities, cutting-edge technology, experienced surgeons and skilled staff, Indian hospitals are counted amongst the top medical hubs of the world. While the quality of healthcare is the primary reason that draws medical tourists to India, the affordable cost of Liver transplant in India makes those services accessible to large number of people. Compared to the western countries such as the US, UK or other European nations, the cost of Liver transplant in India is very low.

Besides these, there are several other factors that make India popular medical destination such as no waiting time for surgery, low cost of living, high success rate, and of course the ease of communication with doctors and support staff as English is the second language.

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