The New Trend of Mobile Self Service Apps and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Whatever may be the product or service your business offers, it is imperative to remember that the fruition of your business depends on how you can satisfy the needs of your customer. In this chaotic and competitive business scenario, it becomes more important than ever to have a highly efficient Customer Service practice and policy in place. In these lines, comes the new trend – Customer Self-Service Apps.

Mobile Apps - The New Trend of Mobile Self Service Apps and How it Can Benefit Your Business

What are Customer Self-Service Apps?

The exponential increase of Smartphone penetration and usage has created a fantastic opportunity for businesses. Customer Self-service Apps are being designed and developed by the best Mobile App Development Company in such a way, that the clients can use these Apps and help themselves to address their queries, track or even lodge complaints, at the time and place of their comfort. No more waiting in long queues to talk to a customer service executive. 

Benefits of using a Self-Service App

Quicker response time – By using a self-service app, customers can get their queries resolved in a jiffy. This reduces the volume of calls to your customer support team, who can now use this time to address critical issues rather than repetitive queries.

Lower cost – With the Self-Service Apps in place, businesses now can have a lean support team to address only major concerns or may do away with them completely, if possible. This reduces the cost to the company drastically. This is of a huge benefit to SMEs and startups who operate on a tight budget.

Higher User Engagement – Self Service Apps in the right way, lead to higher levels of customer engagement, retention and loyalty, which in turn results in increased sales.  It also opens a direct communication channel with the customers.

Better performance and efficiency – The Direct feedback from customers can help in innovating and launching new products with better features, or adding enhancements to current services. It aids in identifying the areas of weaknesses and in fixing them, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Greater transparency – Customer Self-Service Apps offer excellent clarity. You can use them to track your query or product delivery or use the knowledge base to resolve your doubts.

Analytics – The various analytics and reporting tools that can be built into the App can help you understand the customer purchase trends and behaviour better.

Domains that get to benefit the most

While Customer Self Service Apps are beneficial regardless of which industry you operate in, businesses from certain domains stand to benefit more.

  • Utility
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Food and Dining
  • Internet and Cable
  • eWallets


Customers today are intelligent, independent and Tech savvy. Businesses are also looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. In this scenario, there is no wonder that more companies are launching Customer Self Service Apps for their customers every day. The key here is to identify the right Mobile App Development Company who has the right experience, technology, and bandwidth to develop the Mobile App.

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