Ten Unique Travel Gifts That Frequent Travelers Would Appreciate

Are you planning to gift a little something to an avid traveller? Here is a great list of the coolest travel gifts that they will surely appreciate. They can be birthday gifts, holiday gifts or just a parting gift before someone goes on a trip. These gifts won’t break your bank and there are gift ideas for both him and her.

Travelers - Ten Unique Travel Gifts That Frequent Travelers Would Appreciate

So, here are the 10 best travel gifts for jet-setters, backpackers and anybody bitten by the travel bug.

1) Digital Luggage Scale
A digital luggage weighing scale is a small and fairly inexpensive device that can save travellers from a world of hassle. That’s why it is a perfect gift for someone with a case of wanderlust. It checks the weight of your luggage, so you don’t get charged with excess baggage fees at check-in. It can also save someone from the embarrassment of repacking their luggage in public.

2) Anti-Theft Travel Scarf
With this gift someone can look fashionable while protecting their valuables at the same time. The anti-theft scarf is a great accessory that’s available in a variety of colours, patterns and materials. They come with a secret pocket where you can stash your money, passport and other valuables while travelling. Protect yourself against theft while staying warm and cosy.

3) Travel Neck Pillow
Neck pillows are great travel gifts for frequent travellers keeping them comfortable throughout long travel hours. The U-shaped pillow is a great companion for anybody travelling by flight, train or bus. With this gift your loved one can get some precious nap time in between hectic travel schedules. Pick a travel neck pillow in a material that is easily washable.

4) RFID Passport Holder
Protect your near and dear ones from wireless identity theft by gifting them a RFID blocking passport holder. Pickpockets don’t have to pick your pockets anymore because hackers can steal your data wirelessly. That is why passport holders featuring RFID protection can protect a traveller from hackers trying to take their information. Along with the passport they also have space for cards and money.

5) Purifier Water Bottle
The purifier water bottle is a perfect travel gift for a globetrotter. It’s great for going on an adventure trip with camping, hiking, backpacking or other outdoor activities involved. The purifier water bottle kills 99.9% germs within seconds making the water safe for drinking. Gift this to someone who will be travelling the world to keep them safe from contaminated water.

6) Bluetooth Speaker
A gift like this will surely bring a smile on the face of a music lover and traveller. It allows you to connect your phone, iPod or laptop to the speaker and play music for several hours. It can add life to a bonfire or a party at the beach. It also allows a group of people to watch movies on your laptop.

7) Power Bank
This is a vital travel partner for those who carry a lot of electronic gadgets on their trips. It is also an excellent gift for those who are going on a work trip. A power bank is a small device that can be used to charge your phone, kindle or other devices on the go. Forget any worries of low battery especially for ticket confirmations, navigation or translation apps.

8) International Travel Plug Adapter
Different countries have different sockets and there is a good chance that your chargers won’t work in foreign countries. An international travel plug adapter can pull the plug on all such worries. It will fit into all the electric outlets found around the world. Find one that is small and easy to carry. You can then gift it to someone who will be travelling in one or more foreign countries.

9) Foldable Hair Dryer
Do you know a frequent traveller who also cares about her appearance while travelling? A foldable hair dryer would be a fantastic gift for her. It is small, light and easy to pack but works as well as a regular hair dryer. With a gift like this, her hair will look beautiful and professionally styled in every Instagram photo.

10) Portable Hammock
This is a great gift for someone who likes to chill and laze around on their trips. It is also perfect for backpackers ensuring that they always get a place to sleep. A strong, easy-to-pack and lightweight hammock can be hung up anywhere to relax or take a nap. Visit voucherbucket and use lastminute.com discount code for amazing discounts and deals for greater savings.

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