Can I Have A Friend DJ My Wedding?

Planning an affordable, yet elegant wedding requires striking a careful balance between outsourcing what needs to be outsourced and doing yourself what you can realistically take care of on your own. For some people, wedding music can become one such do-it-yourself project—especially if you happen to have a friend who knows a thing or two about DJing. Not only can this save you money, but you’ll probably have more control over the music that plays, since you and your fiance(e) can prepare all the playlists yourselves ahead of time and then just hand them over to your friend. But before you enlist your friend’s help in DJing your wedding, here are some important questions to consider.

DJing - Can I Have A Friend DJ My Wedding?

Is your friend in the wedding party?

If your friend is in the wedding party as a groomsman or bridesmaid, then you should definitely reconsider having him or her DJ the music at your wedding. Being a groomsman or bridesmaid is already a major job in itself, and adding DJing on top of that will only take your groomsman or bridesmaid away from key moments in the wedding, like the ceremony and group pictures. Consider asking another friend to DJ or hiring a professional here. More

How to Plan a Wedding during an Economic Crisis

The economy tanking doesn’t mean that getting married will change. Even in a bad economy, you can meet your prince or princess charming and want the happily ever after. Unfortunately, during an economic downturn, you may have trouble planning your wedding. If you are being affected by an economic crisis, here are some ways to plan your wedding so that it is still all that you hoped for.

Wedding party

Decrease your budget
Getting married during a hard financial time for your country likely means that your personal finances are also affected. For this reason, you should consider decreasing your wedding budget. Look over your yearly budget and compare it to last year. If you are making less money or have less in savings, decrease your wedding money and add some of it to your savings account. This may mean you need to skimp on a few things but it means married life will be more comfortable. More