Personal Ritual: 3 Ways to Use Metaphysical Energy to Strengthen Yourself

Metaphysical energy has been conceptualized by many traditional cultures throughout the world. Ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to a metaphysical energy called prana, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy or life force is called qi (or chi). How can you harness these metaphysical energies in your own personal rituals? The following four techniques use metaphysical energy and are relied on for physical and mental strength and clarity by thousands of people.

Personal Ritual

Acupressure and Tai Chi
Acupressure is a technique based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of acupuncture, which visualizes the body as being divided by a system of “meridians” or pathways for metaphysical energy to flow throughout the body. While acupuncture uses needles in specific points to help unblock the flow of qi, acupressure uses pressure that does not pierce the skin. One can perform acupressure on one’s self for healing. Acupuncturist Jenise Parris, for example, teaches a course in which she shows students how to combine acupressure with aromatherapy to help enhance focus, promote more restful sleep, relieve stress, and relieve the symptoms of tension headaches. More