Yachting in Saint Tropez

St Tropez is a small village tucked into the coastline between the clear sky and the French Riviera. This city is popular for celebrities’ town. The star Brigitte Bardot, for example, has stayed there after the setting of the film “And God Created Woman”. Today the town is getting crowded, it always manages to maintain its beauty and its charm. Apart from that, St Tropez has been for the past decades a place of yachting hotspot on the Southern French coast attracting a lot of people especially the celebrities and superyacht.

Super Yacht - Yachting in Saint Tropez

The perfect way to experience St Tropez is obviously from onboard a yacht charter permitting the visitors to admire the charming port and the well-known beach in a heartbeat. The name of St Tropez evokes images of the luxury yacht, celebrities, sunbathing, luxury boutiques, and sunbathing. This town is a glamorous place in France with warm and sunny weather, mild Mediterranean Sea, and sandy shores. Additionally, the picturesque pastel-colored houses along with the palm trees complete the beauty of this town. Here the top places that you shouldn’t miss when visiting St Tropez. More