Top Romantic Destinations for a Culinary Vacation

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

Culinary - Top Romantic Destinations for a Culinary Vacation

Good food creates memories, and makes the heart grow fonder. Food is an intimate affair and many couples make it a big part of their travels. Whether you plan to head to the beach together, explore a cultural destination, or plan a weekend getaway, finding a destination which offers excellent food choices and romantic things to do may be a bit challenging. More

Find a Home for Your Family in Singapore

If you ever found yourself having a hard time when you’re looking for a new place to raise your family, sisters Rhonda and Race Wong has you covered. Inspired by the opportunity to offer the community a hassle-free way of transacting different kinds of properties, they developed an app to do just that. The Home app allows users to browse different properties right from their phone and without the trouble of having to do business with a real estate agent.

HDB Unit - Find a Home for Your Family in Singapore

Ease of Use

Once you use the app you are introduced to a UI that will make buying a property as easy as shopping online. If the simple user interface will not convince you that is an easy app to master, the step-by-step guide will. The app will assist the user in their navigation and ultimately help them find a property perfectly suited for them. You will be able to see all the relevant information you need to see whether it be price, location or contact information. More