Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Smoking process is not good for anyone, and it will be stopped immediately who has the smoking habit. It leads many health diseases like cancer, lung diseases, kidney failure and other major health factors. Many private organizations and government health departments along with the world health organization are creating awareness about the effects of smoking and reason to quit it. Smoking is found to be one of the dangerous habits to have as a human who causes disease on their own and people around the smoker as well. Smoking will not only affect the individual who smokes; affects those people who around that person too.

Smoking - Does smoking lead chronic kidney disease

Many of them have one doubt that smoking will cause any kidney problems. But the experts have come up with the confident and proved a result that smoking habit would cause a kind of kidney disease namely chronic kidney disease. So smoking in any form will not be encouraged at any cause. We can see many awareness programs and advertisement on regular life to ban the smoking and ban of smoking products like cigarette and so on. More