Remodel Your Home on a Budget by Getting Creative

If you are looking to make a change around your home but don’t have a large budget for a complete remodel, you may be surprised at what a few small changes can do. By using your creativity and imagination along with some small purchases and a little DIY, you can make your home feel brand new.


In the Kitchen
Do you hate that old backsplash or maybe don’t have one at all? Installing new backsplashes can be very expensive. However, you can buy temporary backsplashes that stick on and peel-off. For a modern look, try one that looks like stainless steel.

Adding an inexpensive portable kitchen island with a beautiful wood top is a good way to instantly transform a kitchen while adding valuable counter and storage space.

In the Living Room
Putting inexpensive art on the walls can spruce up a living room quickly. One idea is to buy art prints, which are much cheaper than original art, and hang them up. Or have some family or nature photographs printed out at a local store, place them in low-cost frames, and arrange them on the walls. Just be sure that you print them at a large enough size to have a real impact.

Also, adding a throw on your couch and few key accessories makes a significant difference in a room. Try adding a new rug in the center of the room or putting slip covers on an old couch for an instant update.

In the Bedroom
The bedroom is where most people go to relax at the end of the day. You want to feel good when you walk into this room. A new coat of paint in a calming color can be the perfect update for this room. You may be surprised at what a difference that can make. Placing new throw pillows on the bed is also a nice touch. To let just the right amount of light into the room, hang some new curtains over the windows in a transparent fabric.

In the Bathroom
The bathroom may be the easiest and least expensive room to change. All it takes are some new bath accessory sets and you’re already well on your way to an updated bathroom. Bath accessories can completely change the style of a room while a new coat of paint can change the mood. Also, try changing the shower curtain. This is a big change for a very small price.

None of these fixes have to cost an arm and a leg. All it takes is a few small, inexpensive changes to make your house into a home that matches your personal style.

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