Places not to be missed in Cannes in a lifetime

Do you think that you know Cannes’s essential sights? And do you need to go on an epic journey? This city is mesmerizing in terms of attractions and amenities. When considering a trip to Cannes, take a look through these following spots that are not to be missed.


Map out a detour to the Old Town the next time you hit the road 

With a memorable sight of Cannes, no one should miss out  this place while going there. This old quarter is called in French “Le Suquet”, where there are plenty of good restaurants. Quality and quantity in equal measure. Apart from that, you can walk along the streets and find many souvenir shops.

Ride a car around the Promenade de la Croisette

This is an iconic boulevard along the Mediterranean sea. In the event you want to soak up the sun and the seaside scenery of the French Riviera, you should go there. Besides, the famous Film Festival is held at this place. You could drive a vehicle by renting a vehicle around this true heart of Cannes by clicking on this link. You can find many free events and activities there. You could even find plenty of hotels, bars and posh boutiques.

Escape the crowds to the beautiful park « La Croix des Gardes »

This park is absolutely stunning that is a wonderful setting of tranquility. If you go there, it will offer you the most beautiful panorama of the bay of Cannes. When you will be there at the top, you can see a big cross that marks the point used by look-outs « Gardes ». This is also a great place for a picnic, a walk, a mountain biking or particularly for a hike.

Spend your day at one of the best beaches in Cannes

There’s no place in Cannes where you can relax and unwind than on the beach. There are many beautiful beaches in this city where you can bask in the sun. There are private beaches owned by hotels. However, if you don’t want to spend a penny to enjoy some sun-time on the sand, then you can choose one of Cannes’s public beaches, such as « Plage du Midi » and Les Rochers.

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