Personal Ritual: 3 Ways to Use Metaphysical Energy to Strengthen Yourself

Metaphysical energy has been conceptualized by many traditional cultures throughout the world. Ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to a metaphysical energy called prana, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy or life force is called qi (or chi). How can you harness these metaphysical energies in your own personal rituals? The following four techniques use metaphysical energy and are relied on for physical and mental strength and clarity by thousands of people.

Personal Ritual - Personal Ritual: 3 Ways to Use Metaphysical Energy to Strengthen Yourself

Acupressure and Tai Chi

Acupressure is a technique based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of acupuncture, which visualizes the body as being divided by a system of “meridians” or pathways for metaphysical energy to flow throughout the body. While acupuncture uses needles in specific points to help unblock the flow of qi, acupressure uses pressure that does not pierce the skin. One can perform acupressure on one’s self for healing. Acupuncturist Jenise Parris, for example, teaches a course in which she shows students how to combine acupressure with aromatherapy to help enhance focus, promote more restful sleep, relieve stress, and relieve the symptoms of tension headaches.

Also rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, tai chi seeks to cleanse the life energy (qi, or chi) through a combination of movement and meditation. Used in China for more than 3,000 years, is a gentle workout that uses slow, fluid movements. Instructors teach their students the 108 standard poses of tai chi. People who have chronic pain or chronic illness or who are of advanced years sometimes find that tai chi is a form of movement therapy that they are able to tolerate. In Chinese practice, the meditation effects of tai chi work best when one practices this form of movement in a peaceful outdoor setting. Tai chi can be practiced in groups, but once the basic moves have been mastered, one can practice tai chi as part of a personal ritual.


An added element that can bring an increased sense of personal strengthening into any ritual space is incense. In Buddhist tradition, incense is used to call an assembly of ascended being to one’s self, and many Hindus use incense in their daily prayer rituals. The practitioner of metaphysical ritual can use incense, symbolizing a line or connection between the earth and the sky, between the seen and unseen worlds, as a focal point for conscious meditation that calls the power of the universe into one’s life.

Reiki and Yoga

Reiki is an energy treatment modality that started out in Japan in the early 20th century. It involves using touch to align and unblock the flow of subtle energies in the body. Practitioners can use Reiki practices on themselves as part of their personal rituals. Pamela Miles has some suggestions for using Reiki for personal care. She suggests using a timer, but only its chimes make a soothing rather than jarring, harsh sound.

Yoga is a spiritual practice from India, and it is thousands of years old and comes in many varieties. Some of which are very physical and others of which are more relaxed. Pranayama, or breathing yoga, is one technique (with dozens of breathing exercises) that can easily be incorporated into one’s personal rituals. This practice is said to increase prana, or metaphysical energy.

Metaphysical energy is a philosophical idea rather than a medical one. None of these techniques can be scientifically proven to diagnose, cure, or treat any mental or physical illness, although some research gives evidence that they may be helpful for certain symptoms. All of them can be used for personal ritual and meditation with life-affirming and productive results. If they work for you, use them for personal strength and growth.


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