Know Your Property: 4 Things to Watch for When Buying a New Home

It’s time to buy your first home. The financing has been secured, and you’re ready to explore what’s out there in the community you want to live in with your family. When you begin looking at homes, there are a few things to watch for that can give an indication as to whether the home is a good purchase or if it should be avoided.

A New Home - Know Your Property: 4 Things to Watch for When Buying a New Home

Roofing Repairs 
One of the things that you need to pay attention to is the roof. If there are shingles missing or loose or if the gutter doesn’t seem to be attached to the roof well, then you might want to either ask questions or find another home. A roof that is secure and that is new is one that will likely provide protection for the contents of the inside of the home for years to come.  

Structural Aspects 
Instead of looking at the colors of the inside of the home, pay attention to the structure. Examine the flooring, appliances and the walls. A real estate agent who works for a certified realtor can walk with your through a home to make notes about anything that needs to be changed or that you might want to upgrade in the future. The foundation of the home will remain after the paint and floor has been replaced, so this is what you need to focus on when buying the home.

Your Purpose 
Think about the reason you’re buying the home. It could be for more space for a growing family or because you need to be in a home that offers more light so that you have a better work environment. Consider an extra bedroom in the home when you’re buying so that you don’t need to add one in the future. Another aspect to consider is the size of the rooms. If you like to cook, then you’ll want a kitchen that has space, but if you like to relax, then you’re going to want a larger living room.

Sensational Smells 
Pay attention to the smells around the home and on the inside. Sewage smells and those that have to do with the gas should be grounds for finding another home or asking for the price to be reduced as these repairs can get into some money. Look at the land to see if you can plant flowers or a garden.

Your first home is one that you should strive to grow old in and one that you should enjoy. Before putting in a final offer, there are a few aspects that you should look at, such as the overall structure of the house. Remember that if you do choose to use a real estate agent, it’s smart to choose someone who works for a certified realtor, like The Alan Smith Team – RE/MAX Professionals or someone similar. Once you are happy with the layout of the home, then you can start to plan all of the adventures that you will have inside and outside.

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