Is Google’s Self-Driving Car As Good As Human-Driving Cars?

Safe driving is expected from every type of driver. It takes a good kind of command and leadership to steer your Toyota Wigo from the Philippines efficiently and to remain calm when unwanted phenomenon arises. Nowadays the campaign to safe driving is much more prevalent than ever. Especially when plenty of people gets killed caused by reckless driving which resulted to deadly accidents and mishaps. And at the moment we have seen plenty of innovations in the automobile industry. One of which is the launch of Google’s self-driving automobiles; many debates have risen whether this will be the solution to the unwanted events that occur on the road.

Toyota Agya

Is it possible that computers or engineered equipment can drive safer than humans? Let’s discuss this inquiry by breaking things down a little.

Google’s Self-driving Cars

Google is working diligently to build a prototype vehicle that is designed to take you where you want to at just a simple push of a button – no driving required. This idea stemmed about when Google visualize an environment wherein everyone could get around easily and safely, regardless of their ability to drive. It sounds promising and people are looking forward to this kind creation. Especially because of the surprising statistics of traffic accidents which rises every year, it’s about time someone invented a life-saving invention.

How does this Google car work you may ask? They have sensors designed to detect objects far and near; including pedestrians, cyclists and of course other vehicles. This vehicle has a special software that processes all the information to help the car safely navigate the road without distractions.

Human-Driving Cars

Let’s be honest humans aren’t the best when it comes to self-discipline. Even the most amazing car racer can get in an accident. Plenty of factors can affect a driver’s ability to efficiently drive. They can be under the influence, text and even doze off. And these events cause plenty of life-threatening accidents.

As a matter of fact this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is this thing called “road rage”. Caused by stress and frustration, this violent anger can turn people into demons and can be a cause of terrible incident. No matter how great of a driver you are and how top notch your skills might be when it comes to driving, as humans you can break down and crumble to pressure and stress. And this could be a very big problem.

Is the latter better?

So the question remains, can Google’s self-driving vehicle be more efficient and safe as human-driving ones? Although Google is doing their very best to make their self-driving car efficient as possible it is already without a doubt a safe automobile to begin with.

The advantages over a human being in certain scenarios are very clear. But we have to remember that it is still a project and it might seem too good to be true. A smart vehicle that is very excellent and safe. Plus “road rage” will never ever occur when seated in a self-driving vehicle.

As of the moment we will claim that Google’s self-driving car is very much impeccable and we are hoping that this will be the solution to reckless car accidents. We want this technology to succeed so we can finally decrease the statistics of innocent lives lost at the hands of unsafe driving.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for TOYOTA: Altis for Sale Philippines.

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