Importance of Web Design in the Optimization of Conversion Rates

Have you ever thought of whether your designed websites get good conversion rates? Being a web designer, you might think that your job is just to design the website and the rest is out of your concern. At one point time, you may be right because you are concerned with your payment and feel that your job gets over at that point of time. But, what if you think the other way round? It means that you can think that your web designs can increase the conversion rates of your client’s site. It is because the design of the website plays a vital role when it comes to increasing or getting conversion rates which many of you may not be aware of.

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So, make such web designs that will increase the conversion rates of your client’s website, and this will add to your credit. Approach the client in this relevance and present your web designs that guarantee to increase their conversion rates. It will automatically turn the deal in your favor.

It will be a good thing if your design will contribute to the conversion rate of the websites that you design. It is anyhow going to make your credit good in every sense.

Let us have a look at some critical aspects that contribute to the conversion rate of a website and that you need to consider while designing the site.

How does a conversion rate work?

Every website has a different way of going through the conversion. The user goes through a conversion funnel which normally, depends on the flow of the website after which the prospect converts into a customer of that particular website. For example, on a particular site, a user goes through homepage, view product page, start checkout, and complete checkout. In this particular example, the site gets a conversion rate when the user completes their purchase. It is how a website gets a conversion rate or gets an increase in the same.

Factors affecting the conversion rate

You must have heard that the content of the website has to be good to get a good conversion rate and this completely holds true. Your website content must include the images and other content that stands out to get a good conversion rate. Moreover, your site design also has a profound effect on your conversion rate, and you must understand it.

Let us have a look at few aspects that affect you must consider while designing your website to get good conversion rates.

Color selection and call to action

Colors play a significant role in the design of a website and make sure you make the right selection of the color palette for your site. Choose the colors that will draw the users’ attention to your site. Moreover, your call to action also plays a vital role in getting the conversion rate. It should be accurately prompted to the user at the right time when they visit your site.

Use your identity

Your business name is the biggest and the most important name that you will ever use on your site and so, make the correct use of your great identity to get good conversion rates. It is also vital that you get a web domain for your business name to register. But, in the case, if you do not get one, then take help of the business name generator to get a name that is suitable as well as available.

Use of visual communication

In this busy life, people do not have much of time to go through your web content in detailing. In this case, it is better that you make your user understand the message you want to convey through the video content or visual communication. This will have a huge impact on the user in the relevance to understand your site and business. Also, this will keep your user interested in your site and may lead to conversion.

Clear message

When a user visits your site, they should have a clear idea as to where they need to proceed. It means that you should prompt them for going through easy and simple processes which will not make them tiresome or unclear about your message. For example, you should not ask a user to like your Facebook page when they are in the checkout process but, should ask only when they complete their purchases.

Mobile responsive

Nowadays, people have got habituated to using their smartphones for every single purpose. It means that your web design has to be mobile-compatible so as to facilitate the user’s convenience and comfort. So, bulky, old-school designs should strictly be avoided in this case.

Advanced factors affecting conversion rates

After considering the fundamental and primary aspects to be considered for getting good conversion rates, let us move on to take a look at some advanced hacks that affect your conversion rates.

Short and simple

Every page of your website should be designed such that it doesn’t look long and boring. On the contrary, it should be simple and short which can be understood by even by a layman user. It will add to your conversion rates. Moreover, it will be a good practice if you enable your user to input more through clicks than through typing text. It will make it simple for your user to go through every process of your site.

Include social proof

If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, then it will be good for you to include a link or a button which will allow your users to like or share that page with their social network. It will contribute tremendously to your conversion rate.

Optimize every single page

Work on every single page of your site to optimize it to the fullest by using specific keywords and meta descriptions. Moreover, it will be more useful if you optimize every page separately.

Human touch

It is advisable if you add a human touch to your website. Make a page that will reflect a human model or some story that will touch every user who visits your site. It adds to your conversion rates.

Reviews and ratings

Prompt your users to give their reviews and rate your site. It has a tremendous impact on your conversions in the sense that every user visiting your site is going to take a look at your user reviews and ratings. Moreover, it effectively adds to the trustworthiness of your site.

Assure security

Every user visiting your website seeks for their security in every sense, and for this, your Assurance of security page will play a vital role in enabling your users to convert into your customers. Make sure you highlight your call to actions clearly in this case.

Convincing web design has a critical role in increasing your conversion rates, and this thing is clear from the aspects that we discussed above. Moreover, a web design is more of an art and therefore, it needs your entire time and focus.

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