How Your Emotional Health Can Affect Your Oral Health?

Stop fretting and fuming over trivial things. Just cheer up a bit and, if possible, keep away from negativity as much you can. Because your emotional health can affect your oral health. So, it’s good to live stress free and be on the right side of dental health. More importantly, living with anxiety is not going to solve anything, plus, it could jeopardize your beautiful teeth and healthy gums. If you feel stressed days on end, it could cripple your life, and might even harm your dental health over time. So, take care of your emotional health as let your oral health take care of itself.

Emotional Health - How Your Emotional Health Can Affect Your Oral Health?

Let’s look at how your emotional health could impact your oral health –

Stress can cause teeth grinding
Nothing harms your emotional balance as much as stress does. Its effects on the body are profound and it could even cripple the cognition in a complete manner. And if you’re under stress, it may also lead to teeth grinding or bruxism, or a clenched jaw. People living stressful are more likely to grind their teeth or clench their jaw, and this habit comes with oral health risks. If stress is not handled well, it could even throw the life, and oral health, out of the gear for sure. You can consult a dentist in such cases and get to wear a dental-fitted mouth guard for help.

Negative emotions may lead to lessened hygiene
Happy and upbeat people have more reasons to stay on the right side of oral care. They have the energy and enthusiasm to follow daily dental hygiene which helps them maintain total dental health. On the other hand, those with negative emotions are likely to feel sapped of energy so they might not take oral care as seriously. And when there is lack of oral hygiene, risks of cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and other dental problems will always be there. If you’re filled with negative emotions, your oral hygiene is bound to suffer.

A weakened immune system may cause gum disease
Stress is bad for the body. It could even lead to a weakened immune system. And when your immunity is compromised, the risk of gum disease can go up considerably. What’s more, when your immune system is weak, it becomes difficult to fight off bacteria, thereby risks of periodontal disease will always be there. On the other hand, if your emotional health is good, your body will function at its optimum so oral or dental problems too come down drastically. So, you should always focus on being stress-free in order to stay on the right side of dental health.

Being stressed out might lead to canker sores
People who feel stressed out all the time are more likely to feel canker sores and cold sores. Such sores generally strike to them who have been feeling emotionally drained and their immune system has lost the ability to fight off pathogens or germs. Sores happens when your body’s defense is weak. You however can turn to Astoria dental care for help in such situations.

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