How to Resize Pictures for a Website

Whether you upload pictures to websites on a regular basis or intend to do so just this once – knowing how to resize them will come in handy. While you may have resized pictures in the past through various means, resizing them for websites is unique in several ways.

Photo Batch

Part of the reason it is unique is tied to why it is often necessary to resize pictures for websites in the first place. Generally when you’re uploading pictures to a website, its size affects both the file size and the actual dimensions – and both of those are important. If the file size of a picture is too large then it will take a long time to load and consume a lot of bandwidth. At the same time its dimensions will affect how it takes up valuable onscreen real estate on the website – which is just as important too.

Choosing Options to Resize Pictures

Keeping both these reasons in mind, the best way to resize pictures for a website is by using Movavi Photo Batch. It is a powerful batch processing software that has several features – but when it comes to acting as a photo resizer it is valuable due to the fact that it has several options on how to do so.

Using Movavi Photo Batch you can choose to resize your pictures by:

  • Setting a custom size to resize your pictures while ignoring the aspect ratio.
  • Shrinking or expanding the original picture by a certain percentage that will preserve the aspect ratio.
  • Fitting the picture within a certain frame size while preserving the aspect ratio.

As you can see, the latter two options are generally preferable due to the fact that they preserve the aspect ratio and so the picture won’t end up looking skewed. That being said, each of those options may come in handy in various situations.

Aside from resizing photos, you may also want to explore the other features of Movavi Photo Batch that will allow you to enhance the quality of your pictures, rename the file names, rotate and flip the orientation, and convert the image files to a different (and possibly more web-friendly) format.

With all these features at hand through Movavi Photo Batch, you should be able to not only resize your pictures for a website, but also improve them in other ways too.

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