How to request for legal help from the government

Every year thousands of citizens around the world are not eligible for legal help, and are not able to pay for a lawyer. The reason for this is that the free legal help is offered only to those citizens who receive social help. Those who are not users of financial help from the government have no right to use legal incentives offered by the state. There are different types of legal issues that people encounter and only professional lawyers can help them with that.

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This non-compliance is a major problem in the application of the Law on Free Legal Help and therefore does not fulfill the purpose for which it was adopted. Since this benefit deprived many citizens who are on the edge of existence. This includes people who are in the lowest strata of society, who are uneducated and ignorant about the mechanisms offered by the state. Only because they did not acquire the right to social assistance, they cannot use the free legal help.

These people are left at the mercy of the system and are completely unprotected. Which is very sad, because every person deserves legal help.

Further hindering the citizens who have the right to use free legal assistance is violation of the terms by the Ministry of Justice and the regional offices. The Ministry almost never meets the requirements of citizens on time, even though they are obliged to decide whether the applicant is entitled or not to free lawyerwithin 20 days.

Many times different ministries around the world areviolating the deadline for more than 300 days and decideafter 11 months of request. weltman bernstein lawyer toronto offers their legal help to every person who needs it. These cases particularly impact those citizens who are victims of domestic violence who have problems in family relations, labor relations, property – legal relations, problems with pension or health insurance. Although they are eligible for free legal help they cannot get enough time because it took them too long deciding on their request.

The procedure for deciding on the application for free legal help, which lasts 80 days does not provide approval of help for legal issues that have short deadlines for taking legal action.

But there is a glimmer of hope for disadvantaged citizens. A nongovernmental hope that the changes will be inserted and the criteria for a free lawyer will be completed so that those citizens will be able to get help.

It is always good to help those in need. As mentioned above, some people are not able to pay for a lawyer, which is why they have the right to request for a help from the government to cover their expenses. Sometimes it may take them months to approve the request, but do not lose hope. Things will get better when you don’t expect it.

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