How to Prepare an Effective Presentation

“You have a presentation tomorrow” or “You are to conduct a workshop” are the words that make us start gearing our brains in how to draft a presentation that has a lasting impact on the individuals, not only during the presentation but also once the presentation is over. While delivering presentation one should focus on the strategies for making an impact.Whether you are a student or a practicing business expert, the use of PowerPoint for delivering an outstanding presentation is essential. Creating a PowerPoint business presentation can also assist in capturing the interest of the audience. It aids in creating a good perception of the presenter in front of the audience and professional community. There are certain ways that can help you in preparing a presentation that could make it great for good, these are discussed below:

Creating a Presentation - How to Prepare an Effective Presentation


When planning your presentation bear in mind the goal you want to achieve and what you want your audience to gain from it. Take a creative approach towards delivering a presentation. Form an outline of the questions you want to tackle in your presentation. Study your audience. This helps us in incorporating those aspects in our presentation that caters to a diversified audience. A powerful presentation is the one that acknowledges audience of different interest and knowledge and prepares to respond to them accordingly.


While preparing a PowerPoint the background and font are important. Using clear, concise, accurate, and appropriate words also adds in making our presentation standout and achieves the purpose for which it is being delivered. The fonts should be visible and skip the use of jargons. Add videos or visuals to make it attractive and engaging, it also assists in holding the attention of the audience. Use less than 20 slides in your presentation for retaining the audience attention. The audience appreciates a presentation and his presentation when he keeps a balance in the degree of formality. Be enthusiastic and prepare the starting and ending with the same diligence. Using a dramatic statement, call to action or a quote helps is concluding the presentation effectively.


We have all heard that “First impression is the last impression”, therefore we should start our presentation using the attention-grabbing technique. The first 60 seconds are extremely crucial in a presentation because it can determine the success or failure of your presentation. Using ice-breaker help in keeping audience engage. Starting with a question also helps because it gets audience alert. Keeping an eye contact conveys confidence and sincerity. Body language is a supporting element and helps to reinforce ideas through the use of natural and spontaneous gestures. Also if a presentation is dressed up professionally and groomed properly, it adds up to the effectiveness of the presentation. Throughout the presentation, the voice should be audible with effective variations in pitch and volume pace. Try to relax, breathe and enjoy the presentation.


The presentation doesn’t usually take into account the place where the presentation is supposed to take place. The ambiance created in the venue plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of the presentation. A large theatre room might create a formal atmosphere, or to give a less formal feel we can opt for a seminar room perhaps. We can also make additional arrangements in it, for instance, if we are to ask the audience to write something a paper and pencil on their chairs or table might help, also making speaker available if we are to use audio-visual is required.
Once all of the things are covered review it. It aids in recognizing if we have targeted the audience at the right level. Always be available afterward the PowerPoint business presentation for the audience so that if there are queries they can come to you. Following the ways mentioned will help in acing your presentation.

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