How to Find Your Blog Niche

Finding your niche in the blogosphere can be incredibly difficult—not to mention daunting. But it really is essential if you’re going to find any success as a blogger. Here are some tips to finding a blog niche that will speak to your passions and attract a following comprised of people much like yourself.

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Ask the essential questions.

Of course, you’ll have to ask yourself a few essential questions before you begin to narrow down the niche for your blog. Ponder them and write down your answers to them. Here are some of the most important questions to ask.

What do I wish to get out of my blog?

Do you see yourself sharing personal experiences on your blog, or do you wish to one day be a paid, full-time blogger? If your blog is more for sharing personal experiences, and you aren’t going to be so worried about gaining a following, then really there isn’t as much pressure here to find a niche. You’ll simply want to find a blogging format that works for you, as this article details. But if you hope to gain a following and eventually monetize your blog, then settling into a niche will prove essential. So, if this is the case for you, read on.

What am I passionate about?

What are the things you do when you should be working? What do you love to read about? What knowledge do you love sharing with others? These questions will lead you to the things that you are truly passionate about. It’s crucial to find what you are passionate about because that is what you keep you running your blog (and loving it) for years to come.

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What do I have expertise in?

For the most part, a blog needs to offer its readers something in the form of useful information in order to gain any real following. If you’re a photography buff, for example, then one go-to blog post type is to share useful photography information, like what you’ll find in this post. What are the things that you have expertise in? What valuable knowledge do you have that you can share with others? Expertise and passion are two markers of a well-suited blog niche.

Specify your passions and expertise.

Okay, so you’ve realized that a niche it crucial for the success of your blog, and you’ve figured out what your passions and expertise are. Now is the time to make those passions and that expertise more specific, as that is what will set your blog apart from the rest. Let’s say that you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, for example, and you happen to know a lot about clean eating. There are already a million clean eating blogs out there, so how are you going to differentiate yourself? If you happen to also have an obsession with lemons, then maybe you can start a clean eating blog centered around your obsession with lemons. You could use the word “lemon” in your blog title, feature recipes that contain lemon, and talk about lemon-themed things you’ve encountered lately (e.g., candles, beauty tips, cosmetics, and accessories).

Create a sample blog post calendar.

Any great blog follows a regular posting calendar and gives its readers an idea of what to expect on a weekly and monthly basis. Try creating a month-long blog post calendar where you plan out how many posts will be published each week, when those posts will go live, and which regular features you’ll have rotating on the blog. Going back to the lemon-themed clean eating blog example, maybe you’ll have three posts go live each week—one each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every other Monday you might share a recipe that features lemon, and every other Wednesday you might share a tip that talks about using lemons in everyday life. On the other Mondays you might feature a regular clean-eating recipe, and on the other Wednesdays you might feature a regular clean-eating tip. Then you might have a curation-style post every Friday, where you post favorite items you’ve stumbled across that week while shopping online, or links to the favorite articles you’ve read that week (with maybe one or two of these Friday posts each month being lemon-themed). Once you’ve finished drafting up your tentative blog post schedule, ask yourself if it’s something you know you’ll be able to keep up with and continue with. Does your niche give you the flexibility to keep to a semi-regular schedule every month?

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Give it time.

While it would be wonderful to have your blog all fleshed-out, niched, and ready-to-go from the very first post, most blogs don’t happen this way. Don’t be surprised or discouraged if you find that growing into your blog personality and settling into your niche takes a few months—or even a year. Over time, you’ll discover what you truly love writing about, and you’ll fall naturally into topics that you’ll want to blog about for years to come.

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